Beloved Police Officer Tommy Norman Proposes to Girlfriend on Her 30th Birthday

Officer Tommy Norman proposalBeloved police officer Tommy Norman proposed to his longtime girlfriend this weekend. Get the details here. (Credit: Officer Tommy Norman)

When police officer Tommy Norman dropped to one knee to ask his longtime girlfriend, Rosalynd, for her hand in marriage, he was upstaged by another (little) man: Rosalynd’s young son Riley.

In an Instagram video that Norman shared over the weekend that has since gone viral, the officer is seen giving a short speech to the couple’s gathered loved ones at Rosalynd’s 30th birthday party just before the moment of truth takes place.

“You’re beautiful inside and you’re beautiful out,” he says, “and I just want to thank you so much for allowing me in your life and Riley, allowing me in your life, and I didn’t bring a gift to wrap, but…”

At this, the North Little Rock, Arkansas, officer pulled a ring box-sized package out of his pocket and turns toward a giddy Rosalynd.

“I want to ask the love of my life if she will marry me,” he says as everyone cheers, Rosalynd bursts into tears and Riley hams for the camera. The moment Norman takes a knee and presents the box to Rosalynd, however, Riley snatches the ring out of his hand.

Fortunately, the mischievous Riley eventually returns the ring to his mom, who gives Norman a huge hug in reply.

Norman previously made headlines after rapper The Game and his son honored him for his many acts of kindness, helping the officer to raise more than $72,000 for his efforts to efforts to help the community.

“I don’t feel worthy, I don’t really see what other people see because I’m on the inside looking out,” Norman told XXL at the time of the rapper’s GoFundMe page. “I’ve been doing this for years, because I started when I was young [volunteering]. It’s been a part of my life, it runs through my bloodstream. I get all these phone calls and media requests, and I’m thinking, I’ll do them because I’m honored but what’s the big deal? And I’m glad that I approach it that way, that shows that I’m grounded. I take so much pride in remaining humble.”