Bachelor Ben Higgins Tells Lauren Bushnell the Wedding Is Back On During ‘Ben and Lauren’ Finale

Off to Sin City! Bachelor Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell set off for Las Vegas for their joint bachelor-bachelorette party on the November 29 episode of Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After?, but some key information was withheld from their friends prior to the festivities. The vast majority of the couple’s pals had no clue that Ben had recently called off the wedding.

The Knot recaps the most memorable (and sometimes awkward) moments from the latest episode.

The Trip to Nevada

On their way to the party, Ben tells Lauren he’s not sure if he can have kids. “A lot’s been going on down there in my life,” he reveals. He goes on to tell Lauren that he has an enlarged testicle.

The Arrival

Ben and Lauren arrive at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Their friends are mingling in a suite, and Haley and Emily Ferguson are concerned that they are the only ones who know the wedding is off.

Along with Haley and Emily, Ben and Lauren’s Bachelor and Bachelorette friends, Jade Roper, Tanner Tolbert, JJ Lane, Josh Murray, Amanda Stanton, Ashley Iaconetti, and Jared Haibon, greet them excitedly when they walk into the suite. Ben gives a speech, but he doesn’t mention the couple’s wedding plans.

In the confessional, Lauren expresses her irritation. “Ben hasn’t told any of his friends the wedding is off,” she muses. “I know it’s a weird conversation to have, but I think it’s weirder to not tell anyone.”

The Party

After the ladies kick the men out of the suite, Lauren tells her friends about Ben’s testicle issue. While bonding with his buddies, Ben reveals that he has an extra vein. His friends encourage him to have his sperm tested. Ben says he will have the test if the guys agree to be tested, too.

While the men have their sperm tested in a separate hotel suite, the ladies enjoy a striptease in their room before enjoying time at a spa. Lauren doesn’t know how to respond when her friends begin talking about marriage. The ladies discuss how difficult it is to be single.

“Part of me wonders if he called the wedding off because I’m not good enough or because he can’t see a life with me,” Lauren shares in the confessional. “Part of me also wonders if he’s going to end things completely.”

Ben has difficulty enjoying the party. He gushes about Lauren as he and his pals drink expensive whiskey. After telling his friends about couple’s counseling, Ben reveals that he called the wedding off.

Lauren is relieved when Haley and Emily tell Ashley that the wedding has been canceled. Over dinner, Lauren tells her friends that she and Ben needed to slow the process down, as things were going too fast.

The Surprise

After dinner, Ben and Lauren’s loved ones take them outside where a video is playing on a giant screen. The compilation shows the couple’s love story from the moment they met on The Bachelor through their time on Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After?

After watching the video, Ben asks Lauren to meet him at the Skyfall Lounge. They hug and kiss before Ben says, “Lauren, I’m gonna be you’re husband. You’re gonna be Mrs. Higgins.”

“I like Mrs. Higgins. Lauren Higgins,” she replies. “Does this mean the wedding is back on?”

“Of course it is,” Ben tells her. “Lauren, I’d be lucky to marry you.”

“You’re my person,” Lauren tells him.

“You’re my person; you always will be,” Ben says.

As they kiss, their friends bring them champagne and congratulate them.

The Results

Ben receives a call from his doctor after the festivities. He finds out his sperm count is “above average.”


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