Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell Meet Up With JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers: ‘Ben & Lauren’ Recap

Ben and Lauren Happily Ever After(Freeform/Vu Ong)

The adventure continues! Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell are attempting to find stability while having their lives documented on Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After? On the latest episode, the Bachelor lovebirds are asked to make an important life decision. Here, The Knot is recapping the standout moments from Tuesday, October 18.

The Dreaded Double Date

Ben and Lauren meet JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers in Los Angeles for lunch after attending JoJo’s Bachelorette: After the Final Rose special.

“We have to get past this JoJo business and just clear the air once and for all,” Ben says in the confessional. Lauren admits that looking back on the couple’s Bachelor days is difficult for her.

There is awkwardness between the two couples as they dine on mimosas and sushi. In an attempt to break the ice, Ben makes a toast. “To all of us moving forward,” he says.

Ben, Lauren, Jordan, and JoJo discuss the challenges of the Bachelor/Bachelorette process, including rumors and constant criticism. Jordan had never watched the show prior to signing-on for JoJo’s season; he admits that the journey was more difficult than he anticipated.

JoJo points out how far everyone has come in just a few months’ time. Lauren acknowledges that there is no longer chemistry between Ben and JoJo, setting her mind at ease. She’s thankful when the lunch is over.

Just Like Old Times

The doorbell rings as Ben and Lauren are cooking breakfast in their Colorado home. When Ben opens the door, he’s surprised to find a date card from Bachelor host, Chris Harrison.

The duo meets the longtime host at the luxurious Brown Palace hotel in Denver. Over afternoon tea, he breaks the news that the Bachelor franchise would like to televise Ben and Lauren’s wedding on prime time TV.

Ben is overwhelmed by the offer, but Chris assures Lauren that she will have resources to make the couple’s wedding day everything she wants “on steroids.” Ben is concerned that a televised ceremony won’t feel like real wedding, but Chris explains that a previous TV wedding was just as special as a traditional, private ceremony.

Chris tells the couple that there is limited time frame, stressing Ben out further. Ben explains that the process has gone quickly, and he and Lauren haven’t had the opportunity to make memories as a couple with their families and friends.

Before making a decision regarding their wedding, Ben and Lauren ask for their friends’ advice. Ben visits his Denver Broncos friends, who encourage him to take his time making the decision. Lauren admits she is concerned about Ben’s hesitation.

Ben’s Secret

To lighten the mood, Ben tells Lauren he has a surprise for her. He changes into a medieval costume and admits he enjoys going to Renaissance festivals.

Ben and Lauren attend a local Renaissance fair and have a great time. Lauren changes into a medieval-style gown, and she has a chance to throw tomatoes at her fiance during a pitching game.

A Pitch and a Song

Ben will be throwing the first pitch at a Colorado Rockies game. Lauren pulls a prank on him by asking the Rockies to call Ben before the game and ask him to sing the National Anthem. Ben agrees, but he’s extremely nervous.

After his test run at singing prior to the game, Ben throws the first pitch. Finally, he realizes he’s not singing when the announcer introduces an elementary school, which will be doing the honors. Ben takes the joke well and is relieved he doesn’t have to sing.

The Big Decision

Over a meal, Ben and Lauren decide to take Chris Harrison up on his offer to have a televised wedding. “I wanna do it,” Ben tells his fiancee. “I wanna marry you. I want the world to see that you and I will be spending forever together.”

“Me too,” Lauren says with tears in her eyes.

Sneak Peek: On the next episode, Ben and Lauren start the wedding planning process, and during a camping trip, Bachelorette alum, Mad Chad Johnson, makes an appearance.

Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Freeform.


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