Watch Shelby Turner Get the Best Gifts Ever in her Emotional Puppy Proposal Video

Boyfriend proposes to girlfriend with puppy and ringShelby Turner's boyfriend proposed with a new puppy and an engagement ring in a video that's gone viral. Credit: YouTube

One girlfriend just got the best gifts ever from her boyfriend. Shelby Turner’s 24-year-old boyfriend Shane Moffis not only surprised her with a brand new puppy, but with a marriage proposal at the same time! Puppy proposal!

In an adorable Youtube video that is still racking up hundreds of thousands of views despite its being posted on November 12, Moffis surprises Turner, 22, with a chocolate lab puppy, but that was only half of his plan.

The puppy proposal cell phone video starts with Moffis and the puppy Sitka in the car, and an impatient and excited Turner practically running from the house to greet her boyfriend and her new four-legged love.

As soon as the lab’s paws hit the ground, Turner instantly turns on the waterworks. The only words we can hear her mutter through her happy tears are, “come here,” as she picks the pup up into her arms.

But Moffis had even bigger plans in store for his girlfriend. Little did the teary Turner know, tied around the Sitka’s orange collar was a beautiful diamond engagement ring!

“Read her collar,” Moffis instructs his girlfriend, but she’s so overcome with the emotion of getting the puppy she always wanted, she doesn’t hear him! It feels like forever passes before the puppy proposal is really set in motion.

As she gains some composure, Turner plays with the little pink bow and comments on how the Sitka’s collar should also be pink, not orange. Moffit tells her to read her collar one more time and boom! Puppy proposal phase two is a go!

Turner’s faucets are turned on high as she starts crying again. She has discovered the ring!

Moffit drops to one knee asking, “Shelby, will you marry me, baby?” and before she can say yes, she cuddles the puppy and asks, “Is this real?”

Yes, it is real! Congratulations to Shelby Turner and Shane Moffis on your engagement, and a round of applause for the future groom on his awesome puppy proposal!

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