This Genius New Tool From Bloomingdale’s Will Cure Your Wedding Weather Anxiety

A new online tool from Bloomingdale’s predicts the prettiest date for your wedding based on the destination. Credit: Dana Goodson Photography

Finding your wedding date just got way easier—and way more fun. Bloomingdale’s has launched The Best Day For Your Big Day, a genius new tool to help you pick the optimal wedding date based on two factors: location and historic weather patterns.

That’s right, no more speculating, stressing or praying to the weather gods. Simply plug in your wedding destination and this awesome weather planning tool will find you the prettiest possible wedding date. The Best Day For Your Big Day uses official records from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, drawing on three decades of national weather data to predict the most likely date to deliver the perfect wedding weather.

First, its calculations factor in temperature, precipitation, clear skies and relative humidity to uncover what days historically have come closest to what scientists consider “the perfect day” (72 degrees, sunny and 50 percent humidity—not too shabby). Then it applies this data to the top 1,000 most populous US cities, so even if your city isn’t listed, you can definitely find forecasts in an area closeby.

So while we still always recommend having a weather backup plan, your chances of actually needing it may have just gone way down.

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Maggie Seaver
Maggie Seaver
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