Boyfriend Captures GoPro Proposal with Camera Inside Engagement Ring Box

Woman accepts proposal from GoPro engagement ring boxKyle Lawson proposed to girlfriend Stefanie Bunday with a GoPro camera hiding in an engagement ring box to capture her reaction. Credit: YouTube

When thinking of ways to capture a wedding proposal on film, sometimes you have to get creative.  That’s just what Kyle Lawson did when he filmed his entire proposal from inside the engagement ring box with a GoPro camera.

“At some point I was like, hmmm, maybe I could put a GoPro in a ring box and we we would have that memory forever,” Lawson, 26, said in an interview with local Wisconsin news station WFRV.

Lawson took his love of photography, a little ingenuity, and his impending engagement to fiance Stefanie Bunday, 27, and rolled them into one by inserting a small GoPro camera into a custom made engagement ring box.

The Youtube video of Lawson’s romantic “GoProsal”, a term he coined in the video’s caption, was published on Sunday, October 18, and has already garnered more than 8,700 views.

But Lawson didn’t have it all planned out.

“The whole video with me and the ring that day was decided the night before. I literally was just going to use the GoPro in the box for the actual proposal,” he told WFRV.

The video starts with Lawson inserting the camera into the ring box the night before the proposal.  He says, speaking to the camera, “I’m actually going to go to bed and I am going to put this GoPro in a box that is going to change your life forever. I cannot wait to ask you to marry me tomorrow. I love you, goodnight.”

Throughout the video the custom ring box opens and closes to reveal Lawson in different situations – waking up and discussing how much sleep he was able to get, driving to work, and singing country songs – all leading up to the big moment.

The box opens to show Lawson waving from his office desk, closes, and opens again to show him in the car heading home from work when he says to the camera,”That was the longest day of work I have ever had in my entire life.  I have had butterflies in my stomach all day, but guess what? Only two more hours I get to put that big rock on your finger!”

In the last scene before the proposal, the box opens and Lawson, who is standing in front of a row of covered pictures on easels, says to the GoPro, “Alright, Stef, it’s go time. We’ll see you soon. You’re gonna be the next face who sees this ring.”

The covered pictures behind him were all a part of his master proposal plan, Lawson told WFRV, “When I was trying to think of an idea to propose, I was like, she knows that I do a lot of photography with that, and so maybe I could just set up a totally fake exhibit.”

He had set up a faux gallery opening with his own photography, the last image being the key to his proposal.

“I got to the last picture because I had them covered up, and it’s a larger one, so I said ‘Stef, can you come on over and help me take the cover off. I don’t want the picture to fall down,'” he said in the interview.

“I looked and [the last photo] was a big anchor that said, ‘marry me’ on the sand, with my ring,” his girlfriend, Bunday, told WFRV.

“That’s when I got down on one knee,” Lawson said.

In the Youtube video the custom engagement ring box opens once more, showing a tearful Bunday standing above while Lawson asks, “Will you marry me?”

“I was a little Jello-y and it was a little bit of a blur, but I said yes,” Bunday said in the interview. Her reaction captured forever on the video from inside the ring box.

“I want to share her story as much as she wants to share mine, and I really think that there is no better team than us two together,” Lawson said.

According to WFRV the couple plans on getting married in the spring of next year, but there’s no word on whether their wedding video will be captured as creatively as their “GoProsal.”

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