Photographer Speaks Out About His Touching Photo of a Bride Breastfeeding Her Baby: Moments Like This “Are Timeless”

bride breastfeeding wedding day(Photo courtesy of Jonny Draper Photography)

Beth Johnson had one very fussy guest at her wedding earlier this month, but the bride had a simple solution to calm his nerves: a little food in the form of nourishment. The Manchester, U.K.-based bride was set to walk down the aisle with her hair and makeup all ready to go when her son, 4-month-old baby George, insisted on being fed.

Her wedding photographer, Jonny Draper, captured the quiet moment and with her permission, shared the image to Facebook with a sweet caption.

“When you’re getting ready to get married, life with your beautiful children doesn’t stop,” he wrote earlier this month. “Love this moment and thank you Beth for your permission to post this. Don’t get me wrong, I love a smoke bomb, some cool lighting, but real moments like this are why I love being a wedding photographer.”

Draper exclusively tells The Knot that these are the tiny, nuanced instances that really make his job what it is. “I’ve been shooting weddings worldwide for over ten years and moments like this are what you are constantly looking for—and when you capture them and they are so well received, it just reminds you exactly why you do this job. ”

Added the U.K.-based photographer, “Don’t get me wrong, I love a dramatic bride and groom portrait, a hilarious moment in the speeches, or a super romantic first dance image, but this is the real gold for me: Images that provoke emotion, that resonate with so many people and are timeless.”

In the stunning black-and-white photo, Johnson looks nonchalant as she takes a moment out of her busy day to breastfeed George, who is looking up adoringly at his mom. A makeup artist’s hand in the corner shows how gorgeous the mom looked multitasking on her wedding day.

“It’s blown my mind how well it’s been received, how many shares and likes it’s had and how many people have taken the time to comment on it,” Draper told the Manchester Evening News.

Johnson tells The Knot, “I feel extremely blessed that we got to share our wedding day with our 2 beautiful children. I asked Jonny to take a picture of me feeding George as time passes so quickly and I wanted a keepsake to remember this special time in our lives and that moment on the day. He captured the moment perfectly and I will cherish this beautiful photo forever.”

In addition to little George, Johnson and her now-husband, Chris Martin, also share daughter Bella, 3.