‘Bride and Prejudice’ Episode 5 Recap: Lou’s “Explosive” Reaction to Chris’ Family

Bride and Prejudice's Chris and LouAhead of their wedding, Lou gets into a heated argument with Chris' mother. Credit: Kinetic Content

The weeks leading up to a wedding are trying for any couple, but add family drama into the mix, and tempers are sure to flare. On the April 12 episode of Bride and Prejudice, the future brides and grooms have reached a breaking point; the episode left viewers wondering if the weddings will happen at all. Let’s take a look at the most dramatic moments before next week’s Bride and Prejudice two-hour finale.

Chris and Lou: These soon-to-be newlyweds are taking Chris’ mom, Tammy, out for drinks following her disagreement with Lou. The guys have invited two of their gay friends in hopes that Tammy will become more open-minded. Lou hasn’t spoken to his future mother-in-law since their “conflict,” and when they all sit down at the restaurant, Chris “can feel the tension in the room.”

Tammy explains that she didn’t realize she was “being rude” during her one-on-one time with Lou. She encourages him to “let it go,” leaving Lou reeling. He admits that he wishes he had more support from Chris.

Chris’ mom is emotional when she learns how badly she hurt Lou’s feelings. “I love you guys so much,” she tells them. “I’m gonna be the most wonderful mother-in-law,” she promises Lou. “I don’t want you to ever feel like you can’t come to me.” In an endearing moment, Chris hugs Tammy and kisses her on the cheek.

It’s the day before Chris and Lou’s wedding, and their families and friends meet them at their venue to do a pre-wedding walk-through. Chris is disappointed that his dad didn’t show up to support them. When some of their friends and family members begin to complain about the heat, Lou’s anxiety visibly builds, and it appears he is about to explode. He asks everyone to “stop talking about how hot it is.” He walks away, stating “I can’t deal with Tammy and everyone’s negative attitudes.”

Moments later, Lou is standing with Tammy and Chris’ sister, Angelina. He’s still upset and tells them it’s because he’s “exhausted.” Lou tells viewers he wants Chris “to be a man and take control and have my back.” He walks outside, clearly not able to calm himself in the moment.

Lou’s mom explains to Bride and Prejudice viewers that her son’s reactions are “explosive when it comes to disappointments.” When Lou tells her he’s tired of the negativity, his mom offers some tough love. “Being mean and rude as you stormed out right now is not the way,” she tells her son.

Chris is seemingly unsure how to handle the volatile situation. “What was supposed to be an easy, fun walk-through turned into a disaster,” he tells viewers. Lou is not seeing any fault in his own actions. He’s crying in his car when Chris approaches him and tries to calm him down.

Chris asks Lou to be careful as he backs out from his parking space. “No,” Lou responds, visibly angry and unwilling to listen to his future husband. Chris asks Lou to stop the car as Lou rambles about negativity. “You’re the only person that is pissed off today,” Chris tells his inconsolable fiancee. “Sometimes you just have to let me tell you that you’re wrong.” Lou stops, telling Chris to get out of the car, and he drives away. “I honestly feel that we cannot move forward with this wedding,” Chris tells Bride and Prejudice viewers.

Eugene and Samantha: As this couple approaches their wedding day, Samantha is considering converting to Judaism. She meets with a rabbi, admitting she wants to “make Eugene happy.” The rabbi explains that becoming a Jew is an “irrevocable decision.” He tells Samantha she does not need to become Jewish to be a “good person.” She’s relieved that she doesn’t have to convert unless she “actually feels it inside.” She’s not ready to become a Jew, but she’s nervous to tell her fiancee.

Samantha sets up a couple’s massage for a treat before the wedding. Eugene wants to talk before the massage, but Samantha wants him relaxed before she tells him about her meeting with the rabbi. After the massage, she explains to Eugene what she spoke to the rabbi about. He tells viewers he’s “really disappointed, and I know my mother will be really disappointed, too.” But he’s “thankful [Samantha] did that for him,” realizing, “In the end, it’s about me and her and about he family that we’re really starting right now.” He’s “just happy to have such an amazing partner.”

It’s the day of the wedding rehearsal, and Eugene and Samantha’s families and bridal party are there. Eugene’s mother is disappointed when she is introduced to the female rabbi who will conduct the ceremony. Samantha’s father asks in front of everyone if she’ll be converting to Judaism. “No,” Samantha replies, “just having a Jewish ceremony.”

Later, Samantha explains to Eugene’s mother that she’s not ready to convert, but that she may consider becoming Jewish in the future. Her soon-to-be mother-in-law tells Bride and Prejudice viewers that she’s okay with the marriage, because she loves her grandson, Nathan.

Eugene’s brother, Alex, is late for the rehearsal. “I won’t be able to get married and enjoy it without my brother here,” Eugene tells viewers. “This is supposed to be our wedding, but Alex is always the center of attention,” Samantha says to viewers. “I’m tired of it honestly.” When Alex does make an appearance, he pulls his brother aside for a chat.

“She’s certainly not dressed like a rabbi,” Alex tells Eugene about the female officiant. Eugene is disappointment that his brother is being so “aggressive and negative” the day before the wedding. Alex tells his brother he should have a “back-up plan in case I can’t make it.” Eugene doesn’t take his brother’s threat lightly. “Just have a back-up plan for a brother for the rest of your life if you can’t make it,” he tells Alex. “If you can have a back-up plan for a brother, I can have a back-up best man.”

“This decision is gonna be between me and God,” Alex tells Bride and Prejudice viewers. Eugene is concerned his brother will be “the dark cloud that ruins my wedding.”

Adam and Briana: With just days until this couple’s wedding, Briana is feeling stressed. “I have received no help from my family and friends, because they don’t approve of Adam and our interracial relationship,” she tells viewers. Adam is busy with work, and it’s putting a “strain” on their relationship. When Briana tries on her wedding dress at home, she wishes her family was there to support her.

Adam invites Ashlyn to dinner in an attempt for them to find common ground. He tells her he does not “see color,” but Ashlyn is not convinced. Adam explains that he understands she is used to strong black men and black women. “I’m a strong white man that loves your cousin,” he tells her. Ashlyn is confused why he cares so much about her opinion. “I don’t even care about ya’ll when I leave ya’ll,” she admits about Adam and Briana. He still makes an attempt to invite Ashlyn to the rehearsal dinner. “I don’t know yet,” she tells him. When Adam asks how much Ashlyn likes him on a scale from 1-10, she gives him a “2.”

Before they leave the restaurant, Adam asks Ashlyn for a hug. She shakes his hand, but then gives him half a hug, which is progress. In comparison to their previous interactions, the meeting goes rather well.

Ashlyn does not make an appearance at the rehearsal dinner. Briana is upset, telling Adam she needs his “full attention.” She asks Adam to stand up with her as she gives guests a pre-wedding presentation. But Adam sits down, clearly uncomfortable. “What did you say to Ashlyn?” Briana asks him after the presentation. “Why isn’t she here?” Adam explains to Bride and Prejudice viewers that Briana is smiling and “putting on a show” for their families, but he’s expecting an argument when they get home.

Later, viewers find out that the soon-to-be married couple got into a “big fight” on their way home. Briana is upset that Adam didn’t give a toast or make the rehearsal “romantic.” She tells him she’s been lonely throughout the wedding planning process. Adam feels “lost;” he leaves their home, obviously frustrated. “I don’t even know if this wedding is gonna happen,” he tells viewers.

Sneak Peek: On the April 19 Bride and Prejudice two-hour finale, the brides and grooms-to-be must make a life-altering decision. Will they let stress take over and their families come between them and their fiancees? Or will love prevail and they’ll make it to “I do?”

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