Bride Battling Cancer Gets Married in Winter Wedding With Help of Community

Trevor and Charlotte holding hands after wedding ceremonyTrevor and Charlotte got married on January 9th in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada. Credit: Nicole MacKay Photography

In a tale of community coming together in the face of cancer, Charlotte and Trevor were blessed with a fairytale winter wedding last Saturday. Professional photographer Nicole MacKay, who captured the beautifully snowy day, shares with The Knot just what made this wedding so memorable, and why Charlotte and Trevor’s story is getting so much internet attention.

The bride, Charlotte, and groom, Trevor, were first introduced eight years ago and dated for three years prior to their winter wedding on Saturday, January 9, Nicole tells The Knot. In the past year, Charlotte has been bravely battling cancer, but had recently learned that the cancer had spread. The couple were already planning on getting married this summer, but with the new diagnosis, it was all hands on deck in the community to move up the celebration and create a stunning winter wedding. And they did!

Trevor giving bride Charlotte a huge

Charlotte wore a mink fur stole and posed for photos outside with husband Trevor. Credit: Nicole MacKay Photography

Nicole of Nicole MacKay Photography was approached by Charlotte’s sister and Maid of Honor Helen whom she had gone to grade school with and had photographed before. “She told me that they were going to try to put a wedding together now that Charlotte would be able to enjoy it. I then met with Charlotte to go over some of the details of the day,” Nicole tells The Knot.

With the flip of a switch the wedding planning was in full swing. In an instant Helen was gathering up friends and family to take the lead on various projects and keeping track of community members’ donations of decorations and goods, all while Nicole was tapping into her resources to fully cover the wedding for the bride and groom and their families.

“I thought that pictures would be great, but I thought that a video would be much more valuable to the family for years down the road. I reached out to a couple of videographer friends of mine who are top in the industry in Prince Edward Island to see if they would also like to donate their time to help with this beautiful story. They both said yes!”

Newlyweds Charlotte and Trevor kiss

Newlyweds Charlotte and Trevor kiss after saying “I do.” Credit: Nicole MacKay Photography

Kyle Simpson of Lowell Productions and Joel MacDonald of Serious Media jumped on board for videography while two friends of Charlotte’s sister, Randi Doyle joined in as the bride’s makeup artist and Brittany MacMillan became her hair stylist for the day!

Even members of the community who didn’t have ties to the family were ready and willing to help make Charlotte and Trevor’s wedding magical. As Nicole tells The Knot most of the decorations “were donated by a girl who just happened to hear about what the family was trying to pull together and said that she would love to help out.”

Trevor and Charlotte posing with their bridal party

The bridesmaids wore red dress with white stoles to keep warm for the winter wedding. Credit: Nicole MacKay Photography

Friends, family, and the local community were brought together in their acts of kindness and love and Charlotte and Trevor felt it all on their wedding day. In a dress her mother made her and draped in a mink fur stole, Charlotte wed the love of her life Trevor in the appropriately named Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada on January 9, Nicole shared with The Knot. The ceremony held at Park Royal Church and reception at a dance hall owned by the family.

Though the couple did not have a lot of money for an expensive engagement ring when they first decided to marry, Trevor made sure that his bride was dressed in diamonds on her wedding day. As Nicole shared on her blog, “The week before the wedding, Trevor arrived at the hospital to visit Charlotte and told her to close her eyes. He said ‘I know we said we would do wedding day gifts, but I had to give this to you today.’ He took off her ring and slipped on her new diamond ring that he went back to buy her.”

Trevor and Charlotte's wedding rings and pocket watch

Trevor and Charlotte’s wedding rings and his grandfather’s pocket watch. Credit: Nicole MacKay Photography

On their wedding day, Trevor completed his bride’s wedding set by presenting Charlotte with a diamond wedding band, while he wore a couple of family heirlooms – his grandfather’s wedding band and pocket watch – to mark the momentous occasion.

The community’s love of the couple carried through to the reception, a potluck style event where “family and friends came together to make food and help decorate the space,” Nicole tells the Knot. The hundreds of twinkling lights, flickering candles and beautiful garlands created a wonderfully warm and cozy atmosphere perfect for first dances and photographs!

Trevor and Charlotte dancing during their reception

Trevor and Charlotte shared a dance under twinkling lights during their reception. Credit: Nicole MacKay Photography

Though she expertly captured the beauty of Charlotte and Trevor’s wedding day, and other weddings prior, Nicole tells The Knot is not a full-time career photographer. In fact, she spends most her hours as a radiation therapist at a cancer treatment center, creating an even deeper connection to the newlyweds.

Trevor kissing bride Charlotte

Trevor gave his wife a kiss while posing for their wedding photos. Credit: Nicole MacKay Photography

“When I hear that someone is fighting the good fight, it hits home for me,” Nicole explained. “This is why this wedding was extra special to me. I was able to take my passion for helping people and pairing it with my photography. It was an amazing day for all.”

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