Bride Who Went Viral After Allergic Reaction to Bouquet Gets a New Wedding

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What Benadryl couldn’t fix, Steve Harvey certainly can. In September 2017, a Nebraska bride went viral for a rather catastrophic reason (unlike the usual sweet, wedding moments that tug at the heartstrings).

The night before her wedding, Christine Jo Miller ventured outside to pick wildflowers for an added sweet, traditional touch to her bouquet. The selection seemed innocuous enough—lush light green and white flowers—but the DIY attempt had disastrous results. The bride, who married in Lincoln, Nebraska, soon learned that the floral addition (snow-on-the-mountains) was poisonous.

With the residue from the flower still on her hands the morning of the wedding itself, Miller then washed her face with the sap remains—which subsequently spread across her skin. Moments later, she broke into a rash and her eyes slowly sealed shut.

The bride’s aunt, a nurse, administered steroids and Benadryl to counter the sudden reaction (“My eyes started burning,” she told People), but with no immediate solution. While getting her hair styled, she then patiently cooled her eyes with cucumbers and kept them shut. When she opened her eyes, she couldn’t see.

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In a panic, the bride and her mother drove to urgent care, only to discover that the location was closed. Miller decided to go forward with the ceremony for the sake of her 300-plus guests, but she told the groom at the end of the aisle that they had to go to the hospital while guests enjoyed the reception. “I literally couldn’t see my husband when I was saying my vows because my vision went blurry,” she told HuffPost in December. “So blurry I passed out twice at my reception.”

In the hospital, doctors administered a steroid shot, as well as the appropriate eye drops and pain meds. On the way back to the reception, the groom stopped by Target to pick up comfy pajamas so his new wife could actually enjoy the remaining wedding day experience.

Steve Harvey, like others, heard the story and decided to help by giving the couple a Disney wedding. He also volunteered to be the officiant. “I really felt like they deserved another opportunity to celebrate and what better place to make it happen than Disney?” Harvey told People.

The couple married on Sunday, March 18, following a week-long wedding at Disney. “Steve did absolutely amazing,” the bride added of the TV host’s officiant skills. “Then, my entire family went to the Magic Kingdom and hung out all day.”

As for any allergic reactions? Thankfully, the couple was able to avoid that the second time around.

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