Bride Breaks Wrists Twerking at Bachelorette Before Wedding, Marries in Arm Casts

Bride breaks wrists twerking before weddingElin Russell-Hughes broke both her wrists twerking at her bachelorette party before her wedding to Gareth Wyn Williams in NYC. Credit: Ryan Brenizer Photography

When brides and grooms say their vows, there’s often a nod to “in sickness and in health,” but what happens when that “sickness” is two broken wrists from a twerking incident just days before the wedding?

Wedding photographer Ryan Brenizer chatted with The Knot about bride Elin Russell-Hughes, 33, who despite getting married some two years ago, is back in the viral limelight for her unique wedding day accessories – two plaster arm casts – thanks to pre-wedding twerking.

Bride breaks wrists twerking before wedding

Elin and Gareth were married at NYC City Clerk’s Office Marriage Bureau on October 24, 2014. Credit: Ryan Brenizer Photography

Prior to her wedding to fiance Gareth Wyn Williams, 45, on October 24, 2014, Russell-Hughes had a bachelorette party where she not only tested the limits of her dancing skills, but her arm bones as well.

“I am told it was a twerking accident during the bachelorette party,” Brenizer told The Knot. “She was dancing so hard that she fell backward and put her hands out to catch herself.”

Just a week before the wedding the bride emailed her photographer to let him know she had broken both her arms. Despite her hope to be placed in temporary splints, Russell-Hughes had to listen to her doctors and get full plaster arm casts.

“Luckily for the wedding she had very stylish matching casts!” Brenizer said.

Bride breaks wrists twerking before wedding

Elin covered her casts with white fabric to match her wedding dress. Credit: Ryan Brenizer Photography

The couple flew to New York City to elope, marrying at the City Clerk’s Office, and “They were in extremely good spirits despite everything,” Brenizer shared with The Knot.

“We are used to shooting around all kinds of obstacles, so the casts weren’t as much of a problem as the three-hour-long lines at the clerk’s office on a Friday,” he joked.

Bride breaks wrists twerking before wedding

Elin posed for some photos with her casts on display and hid them in others. Credit: Ryan Brenizer Photography

“They embraced the story overall, but also wanted some that just focused on their love and connection,” Brenizer said, sharing that the bride wanted some photos with the casts to solidify her humorous twerking injury story for posterity, along with a few hiding the casts as well.

Despite the twerking incident and subsequent injury, the couple’s wedding went on without any problems thanks to some cleverly disguised casts in ivory sleeves that matched the bride’s satin wedding dress.

“Mostly we had to be careful about not re-injuring them [the bride’s arms] due to scrambling up on the rocks of the Brooklyn shoreline,” Brenizer said when asked if there were any photographic limitations caused by the twerking injuries. “I’m usually most careful about brides’ ankles thanks to high-heels, but in this case I had to take extra caution!”

Bride breaks wrists twerking before wedding

Despite her injuries, bride Elin was in good spirits on her wedding day. Credit: Ryan Brenizer Photography

“In more than 500 weddings, I remember only one or two where nothing went noticeably wrong. Weddings are chaotic, complicated events and things happen,” the wedding photographer recalled, offering his advice to brides and grooms in similar situations.

“Remember the big picture, that you are there because of love and commitment and just enjoy yourself. Whatever is going wrong will pass – usually quickly – and just become part of your story.”

And what a story Ryan Brenizer captured for Gareth Wyn Williams and his bride Elin Russell-Hughes, who married in plaster arm casts because of twerking at her bachelorette party!

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