Bride With Unreasonable Dress Code Demands for Her Wedding Allegedly Shares the Results of Her Polygraph Party

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The bride who recently went viral after her unreasonable dress code demands was shared publicly, has supposedly hosted her polygraph party to track down the individual who leaked the information in the first place.

The event allegedly took place last weekend after her eyebrow-raising dress code—categorized and broken down by weight and gender, specifically with the involvement of some luxury accessories—went viral after it was posted to Reddit. In the initial post uploaded to the couple’s private Facebook group, the bride requested her guests start planning their outfits for her 2019 destination wedding in Hawaii, especially given they would partake in a visual component complete with choreography. (For women under 160 pounds, she required they purchase Burberry scarves and Louboutin heels with some of the outfits totaling $1,000. For those above a certain weight class, she instructed those guests to wear head-to-toe black or camouflage.)

“The dress code is very specific because it will be used to create an incredible visual effect,” she wrote. “If done right, it will make our synchronized dancing along the [redacted] beach really pop.”

A week ago, the same bride discovered that someone in her inner circle of guests had leaked the information. “I could not be more crushed, betrayed, or saddened… I trust each and every one of you so intimately,” she wrote, adding that she would be hosting a polygraph party—drinks and appetizers included—to source the suspected individual. The bride supposedly purchased a $99 polygraph kit from Amazon and the event took place Saturday at 8 p.m.

Nearly a week later, the world finally got the update it had been waiting for after Yahoo! shared a screenshot of a new post from the bride. “Many of y’all have been asking how Saturday’s Polygraph Party went,” she allegedly wrote. “It was fantastic. Attendance was 100%. The $99 Polygraph machine from Amazon was a bit s—ty, but it did the job. I asked y’all simple questions such as ‘did you leak my dress code to the internet?’ and ‘do you secretly hate me.’”

She then went on to share the identity of the supposed culprit with “the deepest joy,” revealing the individual as “my former friend Stephanie.”

“She confessed to leaking my posts and ridiculing me online,” the bride wrote (as seen in the Yahoo! update). “Now the Hawaii 2019 wedding can go on!”

The same bride also gave further clarification around her dress code, saying a helicopter hat is fine to purchase if a soda hat is not available. “Time is of the essence,” she claimed, before telling the women that their secondary outfit “MUST total at least 1k.”

Internet users, however are questioning the validity of the original post at this point, wondering if such a character truly exists. If the entire account is true, many have come forward in praise of Stephanie and her leaking skills.

According to Yahoo, somebody even wrote: “Who leaked this if Stephanie is gone? The plot thickens…”

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