Bride Caught Eating a Burger in Wedding Dress at Minnesota Hockey Game

Bride eating a burger at a hockey game in wedding dressA video of bride Erica Skuta eating a burger while attending a Minnesota Wild game in her wedding dress has gone viral. Credit: YouTube

It’s not everyday you see a bride eating a burger in a wedding dress at a NHL game, but that’s just what Erica Skuta was caught on video doing while watching some Minnesota Wild hockey this weekend.

The native Minnesotan bride and her new husband, fellow Minnesota Wild fan Lewis Blake attended the game against the Dallas Stars on Saturday, November 28 after their wedding ceremony and reception as a “wedding finale.”

The newlywed Skuta shared an image of the two at the Xcel Energy Center arena wearing “Blake” and “Parise” jerseys on her Instagram just days ago. Her hair was still pinned back and curled from the wedding. Skuta wrote, “Wedding Finale at the Wild Game!! #stateofhockey #mnwild #teammnz @minnesotawild”

Wedding Finale at the Wild Game!! #stateofhockey #mnwild #teammnz @minnesotawild

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The couple, now living in New Zealand, traveled all the way back to Minnesota for the hockey game (and to get married) with the bride even going so far as to share the news with the NHL team before the trip! On a tweeted picture of a letter addressed to the Minnesota Wild Skuta wrote, “Have you received my letter yet? Coming to you all the way from NZ, it’s a pretty special one! Cheers”

Special it was but not, perhaps, for the reason Skuta could have imagined. It was not the distance they traveled from New Zealand to Minnesota, nor the two superfan’s wedding attire that caught the attention of fans – garnering over 100,000 views on Youtube – but the bride’s affection for hamburgers that won overall.

As Skuta sits in sea of tulle skirt biting down on her burger, the announcer rambles on about a “Fan’s Night Out” event in the video shared by Fox Sports North. The camera catches her taking one giant bite and suddenly panic flashes across her face as burger grease, ketchup, or some other condiment starts dripping down her chin coming dangerously close to her white wedding gown.

She quickly leans over to Blake and like a gentleman he takes no time to wipe her face with his bare hand. Saving her chin, and her dress, from burger demise. We don’t know what’s better, the bride enjoying a juicy burger after her wedding, or her new hubby saving her white wedding dress from said juicy burger!

Despite their incredible story and best cheers, the Minnesota Wild ended up losing to the Dallas Stars in overtime. But we think it’s safe to say their nuptials and “wedding finale” are and forever will be unforgettable.

My fairytale ending! #teammnz

A photo posted by Erica Skuta (@eskuta12) on

Congratulations Erica Skuta and Lewis Blake on your “fairytale ending!”

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