Bride Overcomes Fear of Heights and Marries 400 Feet Above Utah Canyon: Photos

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Talk about going “all-in”! When California couple Kimberly Weglin and Ryan Jenks decided to get married, they knew that it would be an all or nothing situation—in more ways than one. The daredevil pair, who are both adventurous thrill-seekers in their own right, combined forces to host a wedding of truly epic proportions.

On November 20, 2017, Weglin, 25, and Jenks, 33, exchanged vows during a stunning sunset in Moab, Utah, on a colorful net suspended 400 feet above the ground. The red rock cliffs were more than just scenic, however; the couple had previously slacklined in the area, and wanted to create new memories in the space.

The sky is NOT the limit with you by my side! 😉💓 On November 20, 2017, @_kimw_ and I exchanged “Hell Yeah’s!” in a wedding in the sky! 400 feet in the air on a spacenet in Moab, Utah. We had aerial artists performing on silks and lyra underneath us, BASE jumping flower girls that wore tutus and packed their chutes with real petals, and a giant desert rave for the reception. Her dad even got to walk her down the “aisle”, which was a first of its kind! Normally, people get onto the net by slacklining on a 1 inch piece of webbing out to the middle, but we specifically engineered the aisle so that those dearest to us (who arent slackliners) could easily join us on our special day. Thank you everyone who got involved, lent a helping hand in setting up the net and the rave tent, and even risked their lives for us! We couldnt have done it without you, and we couldnt have asked for a more magical day. And as a slacklifer, I gotta say, its pretty surreal to have your wedding video made by THE @scottyrog @wingatemotion 🙌 Gown: Lily Rose by @galialahav from @kinsleyjamescouturebridal // Spacenet designed and rigged by @sketchyandylewis. Aisle brought into reality with the help of Andy and @slacklifebc // Wedding Officiant @blackrockseco // Aerialists @lizasouras @cdignes @theletabug // BASE Jumpers @mrcorbing @davidlaffargue @cincybase @jimmypeterson27 @theinfamousskypig @scottyybob @stickynicky420 @taz @andikissthesky // Photographers @thehearnes // Hair Styling @katevictoria_hair // Bouquet @thefauxbouquets // Tuxes @generationtux //

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“I used to be terrified of heights,” Weglin told People magazine. “So, it really meant a lot to get married in the air in a space that used to scare the s–t out of me, and have it feel normal. We also added a whole bunch of paracord to the net for the wedding … to ensure it’d be really stable for the day of. If you didn’t look down, it was pretty easy to forget where you were.”

The couple arranged the rest of their wedding around the elements, working with space net creator Andy Lewis (who also happened to be the best man) to construct a sturdy, aesthetically pleasing net for them to stand on and hiring The Hearnes Adventure Photography to capture their unique nuptials.

Their wedding party also caught on to the adventurous spirit of the day, with friends performing aerial stunts below the net, doing acro-yoga on the cliff’s edges and flying over the net in paragliders. One pal even played the flute while another blew giant bubbles, according to The Hearnes’ website.

The couple also had their own unique spin on traditional “flower girls”; in place of adorable little girls walking down the “aisle,” Weglin and Jenks had ten BASE jumpers jump off the cliff edges with tutus on, releasing 5,000 flower petals that had been packed in their parachutes as they did so.

“It is a representation of confidence, self-love, and life; the energy I want to surround myself with and carry with me into our marriage and throughout our lives together,” Weglin wrote in an Instagram post documenting the wedding.

“Between all the highlining and adventuring we have done over the past three years, we have found ourselves constantly putting our lives into each other’s hands (i.e. trusting their rigging, trusting that they’re spotting or belaying you correctly, trusting that they care enough to be attentive, double check their work, and keep you safe, etc.),” she wrote. “From that I believe we have developed a really special bond and a really strong trust in one another. When you have done things together that literally challenge your lives, it has a way of highlighting the important things, and every other ‘problem’ you had before suddenly seem to be insignificant in comparison. Our adventures remind us to LIVE together. To be lighthearted and not waste our short time on this Earth squabbling about petty things and ‘problems’ that we don’t really have.”

The newlyweds are currently honeymooning in Beliz, where they are no doubt continuing their adventures and beginning an exciting new life together.