This Bride Fell Off the Back of Her Wedding Exit Scooter: Watch the Video

wedding scooter bride(Photo credit: iStock)

Hold on to your spouses, everybody (literally).

Someone caught a video of newlyweds riding off on an electric scooter for two—groom at the front, bride riding pillion. Moments after the bride and groom took off for their would-be romantic wedding exit, the pair experienced a minor hiccup: After cruising over a small speed bump, the bride lost her grip and toppled to the ground. Bride down!

Unfortunately, her beloved didn’t quite seem to notice his new wife take a tumble as he rode on to wedded bliss—without her. Hopefully he realized he was riding solo soon after the video ended, but in the meantime, some helpful passersby were around to lend the bride a hand.

Also, this might be a good opportunity to make a case for the invention of cute helmets worthy of a cycling wedding exit (just saying). Whatever your wedding transportation, be safe out there, ladies and gentlemen. And definitely make sure you’re strapped in and secure before jetting off on two wheels.

Watch the video above.

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