Llamas Crashed a Couple’s First Look Session and You Have to See the Bride’s Adorable Reaction

Llama surprise wedding first look(YouTube / Blake Tafoya)

Llama drama! Nicole Tafoya had the honor of not just one, but two, first looks for her wedding. The Michigan-based bride got the surprise of a lifetime during a recent pre-wedding photo shoot with her fiance, Keith Barrett, when her sister (and maid of honor) Mandii presented her with two amicable llamas.

In a now-viral YouTube video that Tafoya’s brother, Blake, shared earlier this month, the bride and Barrett are in the middle of their photo shoot in front of a picturesque farm house when Mandii instructs the couple to turn around. When the soon-to-be newlyweds are finally allowed to turn around, Tafoya’s eyes light up at the sight of the two fluffy creatures.

“My sister Nicole is obsessed with llamas,” Blake explained in the YouTube description of the video. “She has llama designed bags, pencils, and pretty much any llama made things you could think of. For months she has been requesting llamas at her wedding and been denied the request. This is her response when the Maid of Honor, our sister Mandii, and Mandii’s husband Spencer, surprised her and Keith (the groom) with llamas before the wedding.”

In the clip, Tafoya begins jumping up and down and shrieking, with tears welling in her eyes, as the llamas are trotted out. (She is shushed by her siblings and the trainer for fear that she will scare the llamas). “They’re so pretty,” she whispers.

She then proceeds to pet the furry beasts, named Lucy and Peggy Sue. At one point, the trainer even teaches the bride-to-be how to “kiss” the llamas by placing a small biscuit in her own mouth for the llama to chomp on.

“She’s like, ‘Ah, I’m hungry!’” Tafoya laughs as one llama immediately plants a “kiss” right on her lips.
Both Tafoya and Barrett later shared photos from their photo shoot—complete with the pair of llamas of course. “How was my wedding? Oh, there were llamas!” Barrett captioned one shot of himself grinning with a llama.