Bride Who Demanded Guests Wear Louboutins in Dress Code Is Now Holding a Polygraph Party

bride demands dress code(Credit: iStock)

It’s okay to make a few requests of your guests on your wedding day–showing up on time, for example, is a given–but most couples go into wedding planning with some semblance of thoughtfulness pertaining to their loved ones.

Every once in a while, however, a character emerges from the world of planning. This week, one such bride and her dress code demands went viral after her requests were screen-grabbed in a Reddit thread.

The bold bride originally shared her attire requests in a Facebook group, presumably intended for her guests, advising they start planning their outfits for her 2019 nuptials in Hawaii. She then went on to specifically break down outfit colors by gender and by weight, requesting that those under 160 pounds purchase Burberry scarves and Louboutin heels, best known for its patented red soles. Some of the looks even totaled $1,000.

“When we spin and lift our feet, the effect will amaze you,” she claimed. The bride also asked that the women over 160 pounds wear all black, while men over 200 pounds wear camouflage. Finally, she requested all children wear head-to-toe red.

“The dress code is very specific because it will be used to create an incredible visual effect,” she noted in the original post. “If done right, it will make our synchronized dancing along the [redacted] beach really pop.”

Naturally, the screen-grabbed post uploaded to Reddit went viral. That wasn’t the only request made of the bride. She also asked guests to bring a change of clothing, formal attire to be exact, because the theme is “24K.”

Eventually, word came back to the bride. “It has come to my attention that someone went all the way down in this group’s creation to screenshot the dress code requirements,” she wrote on Facebook (according to the Metro UK). “I could not be more crushed, betrayed, or saddened… I trust each and every one of you so intimately. Knowing someone went behind my back and made fun of me is one of the worst feelings.”

The same bride then announced that she would be holding a “Polygraph Party” on Saturday at 8 p.m., but not to worry, since there will be drinks and appetizers. If a guest can’t make it—in a few days’ notice, she’ll automatically presume that the absent guests are guilty.

“I will simply cut all ties and communication with you (and talk sh— about you for a long, long time),” she threatened. “If you have any information about who violated my trust and my wedding planning, I will give you $100.”

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