Bride and Late Daughter Reunite in Touching, Viral Wedding Photos

Bride holds late daughter on wedding dayBride Amanda Crowe Freebird got a wedding photo with her late daughter Azalee. Credit: Ashley Frantz/Frantz Photography

Wedding photographer Ashley Frantz of Frantz Photography has captured our hearts with her reimagined photos of a beautiful bride and the bride’s late daughter she lost to cancer two years ago. Using her photo editing talent, Frantz was able to include the image of Amanda Crowe Freebird’s little girl Azalee in her wedding day bridal photos, and the result is both heartbreaking and beautiful.

Sharing the photos on her Facebook page, Frantz explained that Azalee lost her battle with cancer in 2013, “before her mommy met the most wonderful man named Chip.” Amanda had wished for her daughter to be represented during her wedding on Sunday December 13, and had asked Frantz if there was any way to include her daughter in the images.

Frantz wrote on Facebook, “Heartbroken that her girl wouldn’t be here to experience this new journey with her, Amanda asked me to please incorporate Azalee into the pics somehow. This is what I came up with and I couldn’t be more pleased.”

In the now viral photo, Amanda is wearing white wedding dress and veil and has lowered herself to the ground, reaching her arms outwards. Frantz then edited the photo to include an image of the bride’s daughter, Azalee. In the final product Azalee appears semi-transparent in front of her mother, with Amanda lovingly embracing her late daughter’s face in her hands.

The couple also took a tearful moment in their wedding ceremony to remember Azalee by releasing a number of butterflies. As Frantz shared on Facebook, “As the butterflies flew up and away, one little beauty decided she wanted to stay a while. She landed right on Amanda (closest to her heart) and stayed while a heart-wrenching cry was shared between the bride and groom (and the entire congregation)… Then, it flew up and perched itself on a nearby tree.”

The butterfly, Frantz said, remained on the tree until after the ceremony and stayed “sitting peacefully even as we left.” She added, “We all know it was Azalee, just a little whisper from her and God saying ‘congratulations’ and letting everyone know she was nearby to help her mommy cross over into her new path of life.”

The bride, Amanda later added a review to the Frantz Photography Facebook page writing, “This beautiful soul was able to capture an absolutely priceless moment on my wedding day with my sweet girl who passed 2 years ago. She found a way to include her in my bridal and she did it so well.”

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