Bride Is Overcome with Emotion When She Hears Her Late Grandfather’s Voice at Her Wedding

Bride Breaks DownA bride was overcome with emotion when she heard a recording of her late grandfather's voice officiating the final portion of her wedding ceremony. (Credit: Today)

Brittany Yost always wanted her grandfather, Ronald Adkins, to officiate her future wedding, but her dreams were dashed when her beloved 89-year-old grandpa passed away unexpectedly last year.

A week after receiving the heartbreaking news, Yost’s boyfriend, Jordan, proposed. Still overcome with grief, the future bride enlisted her fiancé to find a suitable officiant.

In a moment of inspiration just weeks before the nuptials, Yost’s sister encouraged Jordan to reach out to the videographer from her 2015 wedding, in hope of acquiring a recording of Adkins pronouncing the couple husband and wife. After obtaining the file, Yost’s family opted to keep the recording a surprise for the special day.

“The very second it started playing, she knew who it was,” the groom told Inside Edition. “I didn’t know how exactly she’d react to it, but it was perfect.”

The couple’s photographer, Sarah Irvin, cried so hard she was shaking. She explained, “We’ve all lost someone. We all have someone that we’d love to hear their voice for one last time.”

Yost was admittedly stunned by the thoughtful gesture.“It was the best feeling ever because that’s something I’d always wanted,” she said. “I was filled with joy and happiness, but it also broke my heart too because in reality, he’s not actually there.”

The newlywed reflected on her relationship with her grandfather and the plans they’d made for her wedding. “I grew up on a farm so he taught me a lot,” she recalled. “Way before I was even engaged, we had always talked about [him officiating my wedding]. He always said he would be honored to do so. He knew before he passed away.”

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