Bride Threatens to Kick Sister Out of Wedding Party Over Pre-Wedding Haircut

angry bride bridezilla viral(Credit: Shutterstock)

One bridesmaid is getting rampant support from the Internet for her decision to cut her hair before her sister’s wedding—even though her sister wasn’t exactly a fan of her makeover.

An anonymous Reddit user shared the dramatic story to the platform late last week, asking fellow users to weigh in on the current dilemma surrounding her sister’s impending nuptials.

“So my sister is getting married in like a week and a half, and I’m a bridesmaid,” she began. “When she chose her bridesmaids, she stated she would rather us not have unnatural colored hair, just in case it clashes with her dresses (a little dumb but still pretty understandable) but other than that, she didn’t care what we did.”

When the bridesmaid decided to lop off her long locks (a total of 14 inches) to donate, she let her sister, the bride, know in advance, and “she responded positively.”

The bride didn’t react quite so positively after the bridesmaid had done the deed, however. “I sent a picture of my new hair in a group chat to my family and my sister immediately said, ‘Oh my god, why would you do this right before my wedding?’ And today told me I had to get extensions or I was out of her wedding,” the Reddit user wrote.

Annoyed by her sister’s behavior, the bridesmaid informed her that she “wouldn’t be paying to get extensions” and “to just leave [her] out of the wedding” if she was going to make such a big deal over a haircut. The bridesmaid also noted her hair color was red, which wouldn’t be so flattering against the dress colors of neon orange.

“Not that that matters. I’m just irritated,” she wrote. “I know how stressful weddings are. I am married, I had a wedding. And I would never dream of being angry at my sibling for cutting her hair.”

She then asked if she was in the wrong or if this fell on her sibling. Commenters immediately jumped to the bridesmaid’s defense, calling her sister a definite bridezilla.

“Hard agree! Don’t let her pettiness get you down,” one user wrote. “Any bride who chooses neon orange for her bridesmaids to wear (seriously who can even pull off that color?) doesn’t get an opinion on hair length.”

Added another, who had presumably seen photos of the haircut: “Do not let your sister’s reaction make you doubt yourself. Your haircut looks great! This isn’t about your new haircut not looking good. … I think you need to give it a few days and see how your sister feels then. She will hopefully calm down and realize that having her sister in her bridal party is far more important than a hairstyle.”

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