Bride Burst Into Tears After Groom Surprises Her With a Pug Puppy at Their Wedding

pug bride groom wedding surpriseIt took five months for the groom to plan the top-secret surprise (an adorable pug puppy) for his blushing bride—here’s what she tells The Knot.

Keriann Watt’s obsession with pugs is very real and longstanding, so when one appeared at her wedding earlier this month, she burst into tears almost instantly.

The bride and her thoughtful groom, Stephen Watt, had exchanged vows at St. Patrick’s church in Dumbarton, Scotland earlier in the day, and were enjoying a celebratory meal at Lodge on Loch Lomond when the special moment happened.

“The speeches had just finished when Stephen stood back up to say he had something else to add,” Keriann, 32, tells The Knot. “[He said] he had my wedding gift to give me. He handed me the wrapped up rubber duck, which when I opened it I was quite confused and thought it was a joke. Then when I saw Simon [the dog breeder] carrying the pup through the door, I was just in complete shock!”

Keriann says she doesn’t recall what she said, exactly, just a whole lot of “Oh, my God!”

“I was just completely overcome with emotion,” she says, adding that gestures like that are why she loves Stephen so much. “He’s so thoughtful and always thinking of others. Never puts himself first. He loves me for the person I am and puts up with my crazy pug obsession!”

Stephen told ABC News that he had schemed with his best friend, usher and wedding videographer for five months to make sure that Keriann’s big day was memorable in more ways than one: by getting her a pug puppy like she’d always wanted. “To give Keri her perfect wedding day meant that there had to be a pug. There was no way I could let that pass,” he said.

Kerriann admits that she’s given Stephen more than a few clues about wanting to own a dog over the years. “I think nearly every day I mention I want a pug,” she tells The Knot. “I have been obsessed with pugs for years. I am a massive dog lover, but pugs are my favorite. Stephen kept saying let’s just get the wedding and honeymoon done then we can look at possibly getting a dog, so I didn’t have a clue about the surprise.”

“You can tell from the way the guests cheered just how much we all knew this meant to Keri,” the couple’s wedding videographer and close friend, John Paul Lusk, told ABC News of the special surprise. “It really was a big thing for her.” Lusk caught the touching moment on tape.

The couple, who are currently honeymooning in New York City, will reunite with their little pup upon their return to Scotland. (They even hinted that they have a name in mind for their sweet girl, but want to make sure the name fits the pup first.)

“I just can’t wait to get home to pick her up and see her again,” Kerriann concludes. “Stephen and I love going walks to the park and I always go on that we are missing a dog on our walks, so it will be amazing we now have one to come along with us.”