Bride Goes Viral After Complaining About Newly-Pregnant Bridesmaid on Reddit

angry bride bridezilla viral(Credit: Shutterstock)

In this week’s episode of wedding woes… one bride has experienced viral infamy after taking to Reddit to complain about one of her bridesmaids, who’s expecting a baby.

In a now-deleted post on the platform under its “bridezillas” thread, the bride expressed her dismay about her pregnant bridesmaid by posing the question: “Am I allowed to be pissed or am I just selfish?”

“Long story short, I just found out that one of my bridesmaids will be 5-6 months pregnant on my wedding day,” she wrote in a now-deleted post. “This bridesmaid was also planning my super secret bachelorette party that I know no details of, but I’m assuming involved drinking that will probably either be changed or cancelled.”

“Maybe I’m just thinking the worst here,” the woman added. “But personally I think it’s wrong to get pregnant when you’re part of the bridal party and not tell the bride…”

pregnant bridesmaid


Naturally, the note was met with raised eyebrows. “Is it possible that she didn’t tell you because she knew your reflex reaction would NOT be ‘Congratulations! Let’s get you a bridesmaid’s dress that is comfortable!’ but instead, ‘This is going to f—k up my bachelorette party?’” one person commented. “It’s good that you are entertaining the idea that this reaction is selfish. It means that there’s hope you won’t bridezilla all over the place. I think you should send her some congratulation flowers with a note about how excited you are for her.”

Another person posed several questions while admonishing the bride for her reaction. “Why would her pregnancy be a reason to cancel your party? Do you have a reason to believe she will force her inability to drink on you and everyone else?” the user Katammers commented. “I also vote selfish. You should be happy for her – not concerned she’s going to somehow ruin your ONE day. What, are you worried she’s going to be fat in your photos or something?”

While most comments flagged the bride’s selfishness, a few thought about the broader scope of the scenario. “It’s actually standard to not tell anyone that you’re pregnant(aside from those you need to for emotional support) for 3+ months in case something goes awry early on,” a user under ladygnome commented. “However, I’m sure you really care about this person since they’re in your wedding. They won’t drink at your bachelorette but you can.”

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