Bride Demands Friends Bid for a Spot In Her Bridal Party, Sister Retaliates

bridezilla bride bid wedding partyThe as-yet unnamed bride is a “very immature, high maintenance person,” her sister wrote in a viral post on Reddit. (Credit: iStock)

Remember that time when a bride once offered one of her sisters $10,000 to be her maid of honor—so that their other sister couldn’t be it? Well, a new bridezilla story has gone viral on Reddit for the opposite reason. An unnamed bride was called out by her very own sister earlier this week after she allegedly demanded that her friends and family members place bids to be in her bridal party.

“My (33F) self-absorbed sister (22F) is holding an ‘auction’ for all her potential bridesmaids to compete in for a place in her wedding,” the frustrated sister wrote under the user handle “SisterBridesmaid.”

When outraged users began peppering the beleaguered sibling with questions, she elaborated, “My sister was always very spoiled by our parents since she’s the youngest of four kids and my mom had thought she wouldn’t be able to have any more kids. Don’t get me wrong, she can be very sweet and caring too, but she’s just a very immature, high maintenance person. Basically she got engaged a couple of months ago and will be getting married at the end of August.”

SisterBridesmaid added that her sister told her she planned to use the funds raised from the bidding to go toward her wedding and honeymoon.

“Anyway she still hasn’t chosen her bridesmaids. Instead, she has sent out dozens of…invitations, to various girls,” the Reddit user continued. “It’s an invite to attend and participate in a ‘bidding auction’ on the six spots in her bridal party. Whichever six of all these chicks bid the most will be the bridesmaids. There’s also an auction for being her maid of honor.”

SisterBridesmaid then took herself out of the running, telling users in the viral thread that she refused to RSVP for the event, a decision that angered both the bride and their mother. Amazingly, their mother defended the bride-to-be, though Reddit users reassured SisterBridesmaid that she was not in the wrong.

“Tell her you’ll be more likely to bid money if she donates it instead of using it on herself when it sounds like they have more than enough,” one person offered. “I’ve never heard of anything like this. With that being said, she shouldn’t get you involved in the ‘bidding.’ I obviously don’t know your relationship with her but I feel like you should be automatic as the sister. Does it hurt your feelings [you’re] not the automatic Maid (Matron) of Honor or at least a bridesmaid? If so, explain that to her.”

“How much is she charging your mom to be mother of the bride?” another wrote. “And your dad to give her away? Ask your mom that and see if she starts feeling any differently? Otherwise no way would I entertain this nonsense. How embarrassing.”

To the bride who’s asking her friends to bid: Sure, weddings can be overwhelming at times, especially from a cost perspective, but it’s a one-in-a-lifetime moment to celebrate alongside the people you love most in your life. Hopefully, you’ll be able to look back someday and say the best of the bunch stood beside you at the altar.

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