Bride Demands Wedding Guest Swap Out of Her “10 Percent White” Color Dress

guest wedding dress viralThe dress in question. (Credit: Closet London)

Some brides are truly in a league of their own. One wedding party member recently took to Reddit to get a gut check on her behavior with a post titled, “AITA [Am I the A–hole] for storming out of my BIL [Brother-in-Law]’s wedding after wearing a ‘white dress’?”

The story started trending on Reddit this week after the bride supposedly posted passive aggressive Facebook memes about the guest “stealing the moment.” The original post, which has since been deleted, was uploaded by the guest herself, who detailed how the uncomfortable situation had formed with her now sister-in-law.

Previously, the guest had formed a close friendship with her brother-in-law; In fact, they were previously roommates. So when the brother-in-law proposed to his girlfriend, the wedding guest was touched when he asked her to be one of his groomsmaids. “[BIL] wants me as one of his groomsmen, which is not traditional,” she recalled, “but I was over the moon that he saw me as one of his closest friends.”

But from the start, Ashley seemingly took issue with their friendship. Two weeks after the guest’s brother-in-law asked her to be in his wedding party, he called to retract the role because his fiancée “wasn’t comfortable with it.”

“From what I gathered, she was concerned about the stag night and that a woman coming along could cause problems,” she continued. “I was completely baffled since my husband was going (to the local pub, hardly anything wild). Again I let it slide because I didn’t want to cause problems.” (Ashley had apparently previously made a snide comment about her future in-law’s wedding dress being too revealing, but the she had let that one slide too.)

At the actual wedding, everything seemed to be fine until the reception, when the brother-in-law came over to deliver some awkward requests. “He asks me if I have anything to change into. At first I’m confused, then I see Ashley staring daggers at me,” she wrote. “Apparently, my dress was white.”

The dress in question, which was linked, shows a tropical-print dress that looks, in fact, more green than anything else. The piece features tiny patches of white to offset the prints, but most guests would see it entirely as another color.

“I was gobsmacked,” she wrote. “BIL told me he didn’t understand and that he thought it was ridiculous but it was her day so he didn’t want to cause arguments.” Since the original poster obviously didn’t have anything to change into (do people usually bring a change of outfit to weddings these day?), she couldn’t really do anything about the situation.

“This is the point where [the bride] comes over and tells me with a smirk that her mother, who is overweight and in her mid-sixties, has a dress I can borrow,” she wrote. “I told her there wasn’t a chance a dress from her mother would fit me and she told me it was either wear it, or go back home and change.”

Infuriated by the situation, the original poster decided to leave, taking her husband with her. Though her brother-in-law attempted to apologize for the nasty situation, the bride seemed to be waiting for her own apology, a fact that has made the original poster both uncomfortable and uncertain of what to do next.

“Ashley has since texted me asking me for an apology and has shared a lot of passive aggressive FB memes about ‘stealing the moment’ which all her friends are commenting on,” the original poster wrote. I know she hasn’t behaved but I feel bad for storming out of the wedding, maybe I should have just gritted my teeth and worn the other dress. AITA?”

The original poster’s tale sparked a flurry of responses, with commenters overwhelmingly siding with her and slamming the bride. “I went to a wedding recently where a guest wore a white dress with a very very light yellow floral print on it and out of the corner of my eye I kept thinking she was the bride,” one user wrote. “This dress, however, could not possibly be mistaken for a bridal gown by even the most myopic of great aunts.”

Added another: “There is no way anyone would mistake that for a wedding gown unless the OP was wearing a veil as well. The bride is 100% bridezilla. I mean, seriously? I really like that dress and would have zero issues with wearing it to a wedding myself. It’s cute, conservative in cut, and colorful. It would also make an excellent afternoon tea dress.”

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