Bridesmaids Surprise Bride and Groom with Awesome Flash Mob Wedding Dance

Bridal party dancing in surprise wedding flash mobAn entire bridal party surprised a bride and groom with a flash mob during their reception.

The latest wedding flash mob viral video is here – this time kicking off with the Maids of Honor and entire bridal party in a shimmying surprise for newlyweds Skylar and Daniel.

In the Youtube video’s caption, wedding photographer Michael Justin Porco wrote, “Putting together a successful flash mob dance takes coordination, skill, practice, and months of prep. This one took place at Skylar and Daniel’s wedding and included all of the bridal party, most of whom don’t live in the same state!”

The video starts with the two Maids of Honor holding microphones and finishing their speeches. The first cues the start of the sequence by saying, “This is getting way too emotional.”

When the second Maid of Honor responds, “It really is,” they hand their mics to Grandma and kick off the flash mob!

The entire bridal party grooves in sync to a medley of hit songs, starting with Michael Jackson’s “The Way You Make Me Feel.” Bride Skylar appears instantly overjoyed, clapping to the beat while her groom Daniel looks like he’s shock.  He gets into the show a little later – smiling, laughing, and clapping along with his bride.

During the big finale set to the sounds of “Stop” by the Spice Girls, the groomsmen join in and form an aisle that the entire wedding party dances through before pulling Daniel and Skylar up from their seats and onto the floor to join in the fun.

According to Porco, “The end was choreographed when Skylar was younger. She and the rest of her sisters and cousins had been performing it for years! Dan knew it after seeing it so many times.”

Congrats to Skylar and Daniel, and bravo to the Maids of Honor and entire wedding party for their fantastic flash mob dance performance!

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Kaitlin Jones
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