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Burger Eating Bride Shares “Juicy” Wedding Day Details: “It Was Absolutely Delicious!”

Burger eating bride Erica Blake at hockey gameBeloved burger eating bride Erica Blake and husband Lewis share details of their wedding with The Knot. Credit: YouTube/Erica Blake/Instagram

Newlyweds Lewis and Erica Blake were spotted at a Minnesota Wild hockey game after their Saturday, November 28 wedding and a video of the burger eating bride and her beau quickly went viral. Erica shared the couple’s reactions on their new fame and details about their big day in an interview with The Knot!

After the bride, who was caught eating a burger while wearing her wedding dress on one of the Minnesota hockey arena’s cameras, was saved from the dripping delicacy by her new husband, the recording was shared by Fox Sports North, sealing the couple’s fate as internet sensations. The video has since gained over 370,000 views on Youtube.

“I had no idea it was being filmed,” Erica told The Knot. “I couldn’t believe how quickly it got picked up and how widespread it became.” Luckily many of the viewers have been sharing the clip in a positive light.

“It’s been great to see how positive most people have been, and the response has been really overwhelming, we really appreciate all who have given us support.”

The burger caught on video was worthy of the bride and its publicity. Erica revealed in her interview with The Knot, “It was a cheeseburger with all the works – lettuce, tomato, onion, ketchup, and pickles, it was absolutely delicious!” She commended the arena’s cooks adding, “It was well cooked and very juicy!”

But perhaps even more incredible than the burger eating bride’s mandible manipulation – and her hubby’s gallant efforts to save her white wedding dress from the juicy cheeseburger’s drips – is their ability to plan their entire wedding in Minnesota, while at their home in New Zealand.

“It was quite difficult planning the wedding from New Zealand,” Erica said. “The hardest thing was the time difference.” She added, “It usually took a few days between all of my communication with my vendors which made it difficult at times.”

The bride, who used The Knot as a resource to help her find her florist, reception venue, and various other tips and ideas while thousands of miles away, also had some very special people to thank for their help during the wedding planning process.

“I was very lucky to have such amazing help from my parents, who were in Minnesota, who did a ton of work,” the bride said. In fact, it was Erica’s mother and father who helped secure the Minnesota Wild game as the couple’s post-reception party!

The Minnesota Wild’s now famous burger eating bride, who “always loved hockey” credits her husband Lewis with making her a true fan. Their love of the team grew alongside their own after attending a game a few years ago, and the bride shared that, “ever since then we have both followed the team very closely and we couldn’t wet to get back to another game.”

The new Mrs. Blake shared with The Knot that she and Lewis had originally planned to have their rehearsal dinner at a Wild hockey game but when the timing didn’t work out for the November 27th game the bride’s parents started looking at renting out a suite at the arena on their wedding night instead.

“We had always planned on doing a morning wedding, so this ended up being an added bonus!”

The couple, who met as summer camp counselors in Maryland in 2011, maintained a long-distance relationship before Lewis proposed at the Minnehaha Falls two years later in December 2013. “It was a gorgeous winter day and there was a light snowfall as he proposed!” Erika fondly remembered.

The two were married at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church in Minneapolis the morning of November 28, attended their reception at the Midland Hills Country Club in Roseville, Minnesota and then gathered up a crew comprised of their wedding party, family, and some out-of-state wedding guests to attend the NHL hockey game against the Dallas Stars.

Erica and Lewis aren’t letting the fame go to their heads just yet, though. The burger eating bride and her handsome husband are enjoying their honeymoon “visiting all of the different sights and hiking a variety of trails” on the North Shore of Lake Superior, Erica shared with The Knot.

“It is so wonderful to finally be married and we’re so excited to see what lies ahead as we move into the next stage of our lives together.”

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