The Chainsmokers’ Drew Taggart Was a Groomsman in a Wedding, So He Surprised the Couple With “Paris” at the Reception

chainsmokers crash wedding groomsmanAndrew Taggart, one of The Chainsmokers, was a groomsman in the wedding—get more exclusive details from The Knot. (

A lucky bride and groom were serenaded on stage by The Chainsmokers over the weekend… all for the sake of friendship. Band member Drew Taggart, who attended college with the groom, served in the wedding party and subsequently surprised the unsuspecting newlyweds with an intimate performance during the reception.

The singer luckily was able to pull off the sweet gesture with his bandmate, Alex Pall, who also attended the nuptials. According to Jason Bookman of EBE Events and Entertainment, the wedding band, L.A. Starz, worked with Taggart and Pall to secretly pull off the surprise.

“[The band] had the whole room dancing before the Chainsmokers sat in,” Bookman tells The Knot. “So everyone in attendance was already on the dance floor when Taggart and Pall got on stage.”

Wedding attendees were understandably shocked. “It was electric,” Bookman says. “One of the coolest moments to witness at a wedding or anywhere. Every guest in the room was floored.”

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Bookman, who caught part of the duo’s performance of their latest smash hit “Paris” on video, says the entire set was “a blast.”

EBE company partner Steve Meranus tells The Knot that the event was “like a full blown stadium concert in a hotel ballroom.” Bookman says the Chainsmokers were impressed that the wedding band knew every song.

“When Taggart and Pall got on stage, it was like lightning in a bottle,” he says. “The guests were already dancing like crazy, but you add the biggest pop duo in the country into the mix and you get a truly unforgettable night with unmatched energy.”

He concludes: “Every guest in the room went absolutely wild! It was a one-of-a-kind experience.”

See the video below.

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