Ringling Brothers Circus Performers Marry on a High Wire in Thrilling Wedding Ceremony

Death-defying wedding! Circus performers Mustafa Danguir and his fiancee, Anya, raised their wedding standards well above the rest when they exchanged vows atop a high wire on Tuesday!

The couple — both stars in Ringling Brothers’ Circus Extreme show — were performing at the NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas this week when they took time out to wed circus style on July 26.

Gathered in the middle of the circus’ ring the couple’s bridal party, wedding guests and fellow performers watched as Mustafa and Anya tied the knot hundreds of feet in the air. At the start of the ceremony the Maid of Honor was raised from the ground to to the high wire in a spinning ring just before Anya entered the stadium on horseback. The bride wore a simple, sleeveless white wedding dress with a ruched bodice and a veil that fell just below her shoulders.

As the bride dismounted the horse and walked to the scaffolding she would climb to the high wire, three ladies came to the bride’s aid. Before she took to the air they pinned her convertible wedding dress’ train to her waist in preparation for her climb, ensuring that she would not trip during her death-defying wedding ceremony.

Though the bride was still adjusting her gown while safely on the ground, her future husband Mustafa was well on his way up the high wire, ready to make Anya his wife! Wearing a white tuxedo jacket, a blue tie matching the ribbon on Anya’s white orchid bouquet and sporting black shoes specially designed for high wire climbing, the groom walked the wire to the top where his groomsmen were waiting.

Once the bride climbed her way to the landing opposite her groom their thrilling ceremony began. Led by Ringling Brothers’ Ringmaster David Shipmanthe performing pair were instructed to join hands, a feat that is simple when on the ground, but stunning when atop a high wire!

As Mustafa balanced his way to the center of the wire using only his outstretched arm the bride carefully stepped towards him, balancing with the use of a long pole. Once she reached her groom she ended her strut with an incredible split hundreds of feet from the ground.

“Do you take Anya to be your cherished wife,” the Ringmaster asked as the couple sat on the wire in front of a backdrop of an enormous bouquet of flowers. Mustafa let go of his bride only to pull rings from his jacket pocket, and as the ceremony came to a close, the bride and groom shared their first kiss as husband and wife in the middle of the high wire, high above their bridal party, wedding guests, and fellow circus performers.

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