CNN Correspondent Pamela Brown Is Engaged! Get the Exclusive Details

CNN Pamela Brown engagedCNN justice correspondent, Pamela Brown, is engaged to her boyfriend, Adam Wright! She shares her engagement story exclusively with The Knot. (Photo courtesy of Pamela Brown)

This just in! CNN justice correspondent, Pamela Brown, is engaged to her boyfriend, Adam Wright. The on-air personality shares details from the surprise proposal, which took place this week, in an exclusive new interview with The Knot.

“I wasn’t expecting the proposal,” Brown, 32, tells The Knot. “I came home from work exhausted and wanting to crash early.”

Wright, 36, however, had already planned a big night ahead — and he adorably made sure to include Brown’s puppy. “When I walked in, there was a dress hanging and a card with instructions to put it on,” she recalls. “My dog, Bubs, came around the corner wearing a bow tie and Adam came down the steps wearing a tux. I really knew something was up when I realized he had cooked me dinner,” she says. “After we ate, he left the room and came back with Bubs wearing the ring box on his doggie bow tie. He reached down to get the ring box and proposed.”

CNN pamela brown

CNN correspondent Pamela Brown is engaged to Adam Wright. (Photo courtesy of Pamela Brown)

It was entirely unexpected. “I was in such shock,” Brown recalls. “My first reaction was to laugh. I’m not sure I even remember him asking, but I do remember saying yes.”

The future groom proposed with a a diamond solitaire ring featuring a European cut. The stone is set on a gold band sourced from the early 20th century. “I didn’t drop any hints about the ring,” says Brown, who flashed her new jewel on Instagram on Thursday, September 29. “Apparently he had the ring for a couple months, but with such hectic work schedules, the proposal kept getting postponed.”

The couple initially met through organic means — but it took some time to connect face-to-face. “A mutual friend was dating his roommate at the time, and [that person] played matchmaker,” she says. “He and I exchanged emails for a month before he flew from California to New York to meet me for a cross-country blind date. We ended up spending the weekend together and the rest is history.”

(Photo courtesy of Pamela Brown)

(Photo courtesy of Pamela Brown)

Wright eventually made the move from the West Coast to Washington, D.C. “We now live in the same city, thankfully, after doing long distance for the first 18 months,” she shares. While the couple resides in D.C., Brown imagines her wedding will be a Southern affair.

“I want to get married in my hometown of Lexington, Kentucky,” she muses. “With horses and bourbon being a key part of the festivities. That’s as far as I’ve gotten, still a lot of planning ahead of us.”

For now, she’s thankful for the journey ahead with the man that she loves. “We have the best time together no matter where we are,” the future bride concludes to The Knot. “He has a great sense of humor and makes me laugh often. I can talk to him about anything and I always say he knows everything about everything. Most importantly, I admire his strong values and character. He is one of the most upstanding people I have ever met. Plus, he puts up with all my quirks and my unpredictable work schedule– added bonus.”

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