College Football Player Marries in Rainy, On-Field Wedding Ceremony: Watch the Viral Vows

The bride wore black and the groom wore shorts and a sweaty shirt. But when Caitlin Myers and Bishop Woods said “I do” on a rainy Tuesday in Murray, Kentucky, the pair couldn’t have been happier.

“We’ve talked about getting married for a long time and we just didn’t have the finances to have even a basic family wedding, and Caitlin talked about just going to the courthouse,” Woods tells The Knot. “I had woken up Tuesday morning and said, ‘Let’s do it.’ So we went to the courthouse and got our marriage license. We decided that money was not going to get in the way. What sparked the idea [for the football wedding] was actually the track coach, Coach K.”

The couple, who have been together for three years, therefore decided to forgo a big church wedding in favor of a more personalized fete. The ceremony took place after Tuesday’s practice, with Woods’ Murray State teammates there as witnesses.

Myers was extended the courtesy of an umbrella while Woods stood smiling in the rain. The Racers’ offensive line coach, Brian Hamilton—an ordained minister—presided over the ceremony, which they held at the 50-yard line.

Woods and Myers’ vows were at times heartfelt and serious and at times goofy, as when Woods promised to protect his love from “spiders as well as all other insects, including ones that fly,” and to love her in sickness and in health, “even if that sickness is caused by mimosas or margaritas or any other cocktails that might become trendy in the future.”

He also promised to “have a solid answer for ‘What are you thinking about?’ at least 50 percent of the time.”

Myers returned Woods’ hilarious vows with a few funny quips of her own, promising to love Woods in sickness and in health, “even when that sickness is caused by losses by his team, any team he is coaching, the teams of his children or any team he supports or wagers on.”

She also promised to “have a solid answer for ‘What do you want to eat?’ at least 50 percent of the time.”

Woods’ teammates cheered as the couple, teary from their vows, shared their first kiss as husband and wife.

Their love story leading up to that fateful day is just as sweet. The pair first met on campus at a cafe, when Woods greeted Myers an “ayyy girl” and asked her if she had a boyfriend. She didn’t, but an ecstatic Woods was so “worried about trying to be cool” that he forgot to ask for her name. Luckily, the pair had a class together so Myers was able to look up his Instagram handle and message him there.

“What first drew me to him is that he was just so stinkin’ cute!” Myers tells The Knot. “I just couldn’t get over it. Once we started hanging out and started dating, I realized I never stopped smiling. He always made sure I was smiling or laughing. He made me feel so special and I knew right then that I wanted to be around this guy forever!”

When the clip of their impromptu wedding went viral, the newlyweds were floored.

“With our financial situation we wouldn’t be able to afford a wedding,” Myers says. “Once I got to thinking, [I realized] we don’t need to spend all of this money to let each other know we love each other. Having a big wedding or just us exchanging vows together, it all means the same. Seeing it go viral has been so crazy! We have people congratulating us that we don’t even know. But it is truly a blessing!”

The pair welcomed a son together four months ago. Watch the video above.