Colton Underwood Reveals How He Feels About Hannah Brown as The Bachelorette

THE BACHELOR - "2307" - The pressure mounts as Colton and the seven remaining women return to the U.S. and his hometown of Denver. He decides to meet with popular Bachelor Ben Higgins for his advice, sharing his fear of being blindsided by a bachelorette who is not as serious as he is. Tayshia and Colton escape to explore Denver, but she shares some earthshattering news with him that shakes his world. Caelynn meets Colton on the ski slopes for a day of fun. Country music star Brett Young builds the romance with a surprise concert for the couple. Colton and Hannah B. look into the future by going house hunting and meet up with ColtonÕs parents at the last stop. The four women who are left travel to a cozy rest stop in the mountains with the Bachelor, but a shaken Colton is faced with deciding which women he can trust for this next important step of visiting their hometowns. One woman throws another under the bus as everyoneÕs emotions run high, and it is left to Colton to make his toughest decision yet. Will he live to regret it? Find out on "The Bachelor," MONDAY, FEB. 18 (8:00-10:00 p.m. EST), on The ABC Television Network. (ABC/Josh Vertucci) HANNAH B., COLTON UNDERWOOD

Colton Underwood has never been one to embrace drama (even though his season of The Bachelor was chock full of it!), so it makes sense that even when prompted, he’s able to sidestep it swiftly.

On Thursday’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, guest host and self-professed Bachelor superfan Mila Kunis introduced Underwood, 27, as her guest DJ. While the pair engaged in friendly banter about the season as a whole and the media tour he and girlfriend Cassie Randolph had to endure, she saved her most burning question for last.

What, Kunis wanted to know, did Underwood think of ABC’s choice of former pageant queen Hannah B. as the new star of The Bachelorette?

“I think it’s gonna be a fantastic season,” Underwood said with a smile. “She is, like, unapologetically herself, she has no filter. And that makes for good TV and falling in love. I’m very excited.”

Unsatisfied with his answer, Kunis next turned to Randolph, 23, who was sitting in the audience right next to the DJ booth.

“Cassie, what’s your take on Hannah B.?” Kunis asked directly, adding that her husband, Ashton Kutcher, had flagged Cassie as the winner for the last season since episode one. “But wait, what’s your take on Hannah B.?”

In this photo released by Warner Bros., behind the scenes photos are taken during a shoot for “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” in Los Angeles. (Photo by Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.)

In this photo released by Warner Bros., behind the scenes photos are taken during a shoot for “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” in Los Angeles. (Photo by Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.)

Randolph first attempted to dodge the question before responding in the affirmative.

“I’m so excited to watch her,” she said. “I think she’s gonna do great.” A jokingly frustrated Kunis waved her hands to shoo both Underwood and Randolph’s responses away.

“Ugh, both of you, stop it!” she said.

Hannah B. was among one of the semi-finalists on Season 23 of The Bachelor, getting sent home by Underwood just ahead of the all-important hometown dates (though Underwood did, in fact, introduce her to his family during a group trip to Denver).

The Bachelorette, season 15, will kick off on May 13 on ABC at 8 p.m. ET.