Corey Feldman Is Engaged to Longtime Girlfriend Courtney Anne, Plans to Wed “Very Soon”

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Corey Feldman is on the fast-track to marriage. The ‘80s heartthrob proposed to his longtime girlfriend, Courtney Anne, this past weekend while celebrating their 4th anniversary of dating in Palm Springs.

Feldman, 45, initiated the proposal with a sweet note, as if he were a schoolboy with a crush. “I was of course a bit nervous. As any man will admit, you never truly know what a woman is thinking,” he told People. “So as much as I assumed she would be happy and say ‘yes,’ there’s always that insecure part of my brain that regresses immediately to my childhood and thought maybe not.”

The Stand by Me star explained that he “chickened out” on proposing verbally, deciding instead to ask with a written note “with two check boxes, one for yes and the other for no.”

“Of course there was a ring in there with the note,” he added. “Luckily she said ‘yes!’”

Feldman recalled his 27-year-old fiancee’s emotional reaction. “She was very surprised, excited, and started crying,” he shared with the publication. “She was surprised because we had both been so anti-marriage since we met. But seeing as she’s Canadian and with [Donald] Trump coming in, we didn’t want to risk being separated by new immigration laws. We both know that we make a good team, and don’t want to be separated for any reason. So this is the best decision to protect our relationship.”

It seems wedding plans are already in the works for the newly engaged duo. “We are planning a small, secret wedding just for family, very soon,” Feldman revealed. “We will likely have a big public wedding for friends and media to attend within a year.”

While the couple is anxious to wed, they have no plans to add to their family anytime soon. Feldman is intent on raising his son Zen, 12, whom he shares with ex-wife Susie Sprague.

Feldman is also encouraging his future bride to pursue her career. “Courtney is young, and she has a career in modeling and music,” he concluded to People. “She would rather keep her body in good shape for now. She’s getting good practice with Zen. If we ever were to choose that option, it would be much further down the road. Paul McCartney style.”

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