Costco’s Cheese Flights Were Made for Your Bridal Showers This Year

wine and cheese board(photo credit: shutterstock)

While Sam’s Club has been busy catering to couples hoping to save major money on their wedding day (read: boxed wedding flower packages and a bridal collection of engagement rings), its cousin Costco, that other purveyor of all things bulk, is offering up a different wedding-worthy service: cheese.

Which is to say that the big-store seller recently started carrying a Kirkland signature selection of five cheeses for the eye-popping low price of $19.99 that will help make any bridal shower more manageable from a monetary standpoint.

The cheese-lover’s delight was first spotted by Instagram account @costcodeals, and appears to offer up five great cheese selections that will satisfy any discerning cheese-lover’s palette: Monteau alpin, cabot clothbound cheddar, red wine-soaked goat cheese, 12-month-aged manchego, and duon herb hand-rubbed fontina.

The sampler roundup doesn’t skimp on quantity either: the five different pieces add up to a substantial 1.8 pounds of cheese, which seems pretty generous given the price point. (Just think of all your bridal shower guests divided by five cheeses to calculate the number of packages you’ll need to keep guests happy.)

And just in case the wine and cheese or beer and cheese pairings are still tough to tackle for some brides who are more of the “red or white” variety, the packaging on the Kirkland flight actually lists suggested pairings. According to the brand, pinot noir pairs well with the Monteau alpine; malbec with the cabot clothbound cheddar; tempranillo with the red wine-soaked goat cheese, rioja with the 12-month-aged manchego, and chablis with the duon herb hand-rubbed fontina.

So if the warmer weather signals “bridal shower season” to you, then consider Costco’s new cheese flights as your new best friend.