Jeremy Vuolo Courts Jinger Duggar on the ‘Counting On’ Season 2 Premiere

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy VuoloJinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo (Photo credit: Julia Myers / TLC)

On the fast track to marriage! The Duggar clan believes that dating should lead to marriage, and it’s Jinger‘s turn to be courted. The Counting On star and her soccer player-turned-pastor beau, Jeremy Vuolo, announced their courtship back in June and their engagement just one month later.

Now, on the second season of the TLC reality show, viewers get a firsthand look at Jinger and Jeremy’s relationship. Here, The Knot recaps the memorable moments from the season two premiere, entitled “A Courtship Begins.”

Jeremy flies in from Texas to spend time with Jinger, but first he wants to talk privately with her father. Jinger’s dad, Jim Bob, picks Jeremy up from the airport so the men can have a heart-to-heart chat.

When a Counting On producer asks Jinger about her friendship with Jeremy, she explains that she kept hearing his name come up in conversation between Jessa and Ben, who are friends with him. Although they saw each other occasionally “in passing,” Jinger was certain Jeremy would have no interest in her.

Jinger explains that Jeremy gave up playing professional soccer to become a pastor. She first connected with him on a mission trip in Central America where she realized he was an “amazing guy.” When the Counting On producer asks what she loves about Jeremy, Jinger asks, “How long do you have? Do you have all day?” Her family members joke that she’s “got a condition” and she’s “not on the same planet” as them. It’s safe to say Jinger Duggar is in love.

Jeremy and Jim Bob go out for a cup of coffee. During their talk, Jeremy asks Jinger’s dad for his permission to officially court his daughter.

“This is a big step,” Jim Bob responds. “A courtship… doesn’t mean you’re engaged, but it’s something that’s [is] an evaluation period for the purpose of considering each other for marriage.” He goes on to say that he and his wife, Michelle, have discussed it, and Jeremy has their blessing to start courting Jinger, adding that he hopes she says yes.

Jinger is nervous waiting for her dad and Jeremy to arrive. When Jim Bob left to pick Jeremy up from the airport, she expected the men to be gone about an hour. They arrive several hours later than expected, and Jinger is nowhere to be found. Jeremy brings a mug full of flowers and hugs Jinger’s family members. Finally, Jinger walks down from upstairs, and the attraction between them is apparent. Jeremy hands her the flowers, gives her a hug, and tells her he’s missed her “so much.”

Jeremy asks Jinger to step outside. Just then, the camera pans to the confessional, where Jinger admits she is “completely in love.” Jeremy explains that he talked to her dad and received her father’s blessing. He asks her to take a “step forward” with him. Jinger immediately says yes.

“I couldn’t be happier,” Jeremy tells her. “I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else than with you.”

“Jeremy, I’m so thankful for you,” Jinger responds as she looks into his eyes. It starts pouring rain, but neither of them appear to mind. They exchange “I love you’s,” and then go back inside to make the announcement to Jinger’s family that they are officially courting.

Watch Jinger and Jeremy’s love story unfold on Counting On, airing Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on TLC.



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