Couple With Adults-Only Wedding Goes Viral After Asking Guests With Kids to Leave the Reception

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Move over, polygraph party bride. A new wedding has gone viral on the internet. A recent newlywed took to Reddit this week to ask the internet for its opinion following an unfortunate incident at her adults-only wedding involving two of her guests, who had decided to bring their kids.

The person posted under the “Am I the A—hole” thread, recounting the uncomfortable situation to readers because she ultimately had asked the guests to leave.

“To be clear, all of my invitations stated that there were to be no children at this wedding. But she and her husband showed up with their infant and toddler (who I think is like 3-4),” the bride wrote. “At the actual wedding ceremony, I let it slide. I was preoccupied for obvious reasons. I also thought that maybe they planned not to attend the reception or to have someone pick the kids up before it started.”

The pair had a flower girl and a few other kids in the wedding party, but the children were picked up before the reception. At the second stretch of her wedding day, however, the same couple showed up again with the children. It was in that moment that the bride requested her wedding planner address the situation, who then took initiative to see if the parents had arranged for the kids to go home.

“My event planner went to talk to the couple,” she recalled, but the mom and dad didn’t receive the conversation so kindly, which prompted the bride walked over. “I think they thought I came to rescue them because they started going on about how rude my event planner was. I explained that I had actually sent him over to discuss the children. I reiterated that the event was child-free and said that I had stated so clearly on my invitations.”

“The wife gave a sort of apology and then assured me that they were capable of minding their own children to make sure they didn’t get in the way of anything,” the bride continued. “I said that wasn’t really the point. That’s when my now-husband comes over and he and the other woman’s husband begin going back and forth and things got a little heated. Finally I snapped and said that they just needed to go, which, thankfully they did without much more noise.”

She ended her recollection of the story by asking Reddit users: “Was I the a-hole for making them leave?”

Users replied to the thread by expressing support for the bride. “I feel awful that a day that was meant to be the best of your life was tarnished by the event,” one person noted, while another added: “A wedding should be 100% whatever the couple getting married wants.”

Another person shared their recent tale from their wedding planning experience. “NTA [not the a—hole]. I ended a 12 year friendship bc I had a no child policy at my wedding, with the exception of my own child and my nieces and nephews,” the individual expressed. “My ‘friend’ was upset and said to me that if I didn’t want her child there I didn’t want her there. No, I didn’t want kids running around alcohol fueled adults and we hired a trusted babysitter for our very closely related kids, no apologies. I actually got a lot of thank yous from other parents for an excuse for a night off. Haven’t spoken to her since and no regrets, I realized how toxic she was in a lot of areas.”

Eventually, the bride returned to Reddit to share an update and an edit following the deluge of feedback. “Wow um this kind of blew up out of nowhere. Thank you all so much for the feedback. What I’ve gotten from this is that most people think that the couple was rude,” she expressed. “I have now learned that a few family members felt that it was inappropriate of me to kick out the couple. (The wife apparently is still angry about getting kicked out and the husband is FALSELY telling people that we threatened to call the cops on them). No one has said anything directly to me though. Anyway the feedback here has helped me not to feel guilty about that and just realize that not everyone has the same ideas about tact and manners.”

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