Couple Cancels Beach Wedding to Have Blizzard Elopement

Blizzard elopement coupleThe couple decided to have a blizzard elopement so they could get married in the snow. Credit: Adam Mullins Photography

Some brides just can’t pass up the chance to get married in the snow! When husband and wife photography team Adam and Sarah Mullins Photography were contacted by a Virginia bride just 4 days before her newly-desired winter wedding date, planning for a blizzard elopement took off in full force.

“The bride was planning a June wedding at the beach and when she heard it was going to snow she decided to plan her wedding in just 4 days,” the photographers shared with The Knot about the bride’s reaction to winter storm Jonas. “She contacted us and we helped her put together some details and we shot the wedding last weekend in the snow!”

Adam and Sarah were not the couple’s photographers for their beach wedding, either. “We’re not sure if she even had a photographer planned for the beach,” the photographers said. “The Wednesday before the snowstorm was the first time we had ever been contacted by them.”

Jumping into action, the “hubby and wife duo” – as the Mullins call themselves – became more like wedding planners than wedding photographers for the speedy Sunday, January 24, blizzard elopement.

Blizzard elopement wedding ceremony

The blizzard elopement was a small, intimate ceremony with family. Credit: Adam Mullins Photography

“She didn’t have a venue or location and was fine with just a big open field to get married in,” Adam and Sarah explained. “So we sent her a list of possible locations she could use.”

Being the main point of contact for the bride and groom, they discussed various outdoor venues that were soon to be blanketed with snow. They also decided which day would be optimal for the ceremony and what times would make the best photographs. The photographers shared, “We recommend sunset but I don’t think she wanted to wait all day to get married, so the ceremony happened in the morning!”

Blizzard elopement pictures

The married couple posed in front of a rustic barn after their blizzard elopement. Credit: Adam Mullins Photography

“We arrived before her on Sunday, picked out the ceremony spot and talked to the officiant about how the wedding would be formatted,” the Mullins explained. “Definitely the most we have ever been involved in a wedding!”

Blizzard elopement wedding rings

Gorgeous detail of the couple’s engagement and wedding rings. Credit: Adam Mullins Photography

But it pays to have the keen eyes of photographers as your blizzard elopement wedding planners! The beautiful, intimate ceremony took place at the home of the officiant in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The Mullins shared with The Knot that the bride “didn’t meet the officiant until the morning of the ceremony and had only seen the location in pictures that were sent to her.” They added, “She knew when she saw the fields and amazing Virginia mountain views that it was the perfect spot… and it was!”

Blizzard elopement couple

The newlyweds held hands as they trekked through the snow during their blizzard elopement. Credit: Adam Mullins Photography

When asked why the bride had opted for a blizzard elopement in January instead of a beach wedding in June, the photographers said, “ She just thought it would be fun! A free spirit.” They added that the bride even “went wedding dress shopping and purchased the dress on Thursday.” The soon-to-be Mrs. picked up her white wedding gown from Church Street Bridal in downtown Lynchburg, VA only three days from the wedding!

Blizzard elopement pictures

The newlyweds had big smiles on their faces as they posed for photos after their blizzard elopement. Credit: Adam Mullins Photography

But along with the bride and groom, the photographers were up for the challenge of a blizzard elopement, citing similar advice for couples seeking both winter weddings and speedy ceremonies.

“For an elopement, you typically have to be flexible. This bride just wanted to get married with her family there. She wanted pretty pictures in the snow and the rest of the details didn’t matter as much,” Adam and Sarah shared with The Knot. “Pick the things that are the most important to you, and you may have to be flexible with the rest. For her, it was location and photographers.”

Blizzard elopement winter wedding

The bride and groom walked through the snow with their family to an open field for their winter wedding. Credit: Adam Mullins Photography

As for winter weddings, the photographers shared, “We LOVE winter weddings! Not many people choose to have a winter wedding, so when you do choose to have your wedding in the winter your details can be a little more unique than weddings that happen in the warmer months.” Citing some very important warm-up tips, the Mullins added, “Things like her mom’s fur jacket, winter flowers, hot chocolate bars, etc.,” are special treats for winter weddings.

Blizzard elopement bride

The bride wore a fur coat over her wedding dress and carried a floral bouquet. Credit: Adam Mullins Photography

Similar to their elopement advice, the Adam and Sarah Mullins Photography duo advised, “The thing to keep in mind when planning a winter wedding though is to be flexible. Weather is unpredictable so you have to be willing to go with the flow.” And that’s just what they did to make this intimate blizzard elopement a success!

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