Couple Granted Wedding After Bride is Diagnosed With Cancer During Pregnancy

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Their sweet sixteen. Tamara Santo Domingo and Archie De Asis officially married after sixteen years together. The Las Vegas-based couple got married in Brentwood, California, on Thursday, August 25, thanks to the help of Wish Upon a Wedding – a nonprofit organization that grants weddings to couples who are dealing with serious illness.

In a new interview with KTLA News, the bride and groom shared their inspirational story. The pair had talked about marriage during their relationship but they put it off.

Then, last year – during Tamara’s pregnancy with the couple’s second child – they learned that the mother-to-be had stage three breast cancer.

“It was horrible,” she said in the interview. “I mean, you’re in your last stage of pregnancy. You’re so excited. You’re gonna see your baby…” Tamara’s words trailed off as she began to tear up.

The mom-to-be wasn’t able to undergo chemotherapy during her pregnancy. Because of this, the couple had no idea how fast the cancer could spread, leaving Archie fearful of losing his partner and their unborn baby.

“I was really scared,” he admitted on the day of their wedding. “No matter what, I would never leave her.”

Tamara gave birth to their baby and underwent cancer treatment. After that, the couple knew they couldn’t put off their wedding any longer. “It jut made a lot of things more important to me,” Tamara told the news station.

Because of the mounting medical bills, the couple couldn’t afford to pay for their wedding. The Wish Upon a Wedding organization stepped in and donated a dream wedding for Tamara and Archie.

“We’re just so touched by their story that we couldn’t deny them a wedding,” Jeannie Ward from the nonprofit foundation said. “We jumped at the chance to do this for them.”

From the ceremony space at MountainGate Country Club in Brentwood, to the bride’s stunning strapless, mermaid-style dress, all elements of the dream wedding were donated, and nothing was taken for granted. “I mean, look how blessed I am,” Tamara said as she took in her surroundings.

“It’s been a while since I’ve felt normal,” Archie admitted. He explained that it had been a long time since he hadn’t thought about Tamara’s illness.

When the news station asked how much Tamara and Archie’s wedding would have cost, they were told the total expense would have been roughly $50-60,000. The new bride acknowledged that the celebration wouldn’t have been possible without the donations. “It wouldn’t have happened,” she said, “not without Wish Upon a Wedding.”

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