Couple Has ‘Back to the Future’ Themed Wedding on BTTF Day

Bride and Groom at Back to the Future themed weddingSalvator Aiello and his bride Anastasia threw a Back to the Future themed wedding on BTTF Day, October 21. Credit: Fox 10 News

Great Scott!

This couple took the theme from the Back to the Future trilogy and brought it to life when they decided to get married on “Back to the Future Day!”

What is “Back to the Future Day”? According to the film Back to the Future Part II, October 21, 2015 was the “future.” In the second film in the trilogy released in 1989, Marty McFly and Doc hitch a ride in the Delorean time machine and travel to 2015 to save McFly’s children.

Now the future is here, and for these newlyweds, it’s worth celebrating in more ways than one.

Salvatore and Anastasia Aiello chose their wedding date and theme to fulfill the groom’s love of Back to the Future. They got married at the McCormick Ranch Golf Club in Scottsdale, Arizona at the exact moment when McFly was to enter the future – at 4:29pm according to Fox 10 News.

“We got so many calls with the invitations, ‘are you sure 4:29 why can’t you do 4:30,'” Anastasia Aiello told Fox 10.

Salvatore explained his passion for the feature saying, “It’s my favorite movie from when I was a child, so I watched it religiously, there wasn’t a week that went back I didn’t watch Back to the Future 1, 2, and 3.”

The newlyweds opted for a past and future-themed reception complete with nods to the 1950s, 1980s, and 2015 as it appeared in the film.

The DJ booth was decorated with blue and silver streamers to look like the infamous Enchantment Under the Sea Dance; The dance in the first movie where McFly must get his mother and father to fall in love so he and his siblings aren’t erased from existence.

The couple even swapped out a traditional photo booth for a green screen so guests could pose with props like hoverboards. The digital background also showcased the time-traveling Delorean taking off at the necessary speed of 88 mph.

Atop Mr. and Mrs. Aiello’s enormous and iconic 1980s wedding cake – complete with stairs and a light-up water fountain – were custom cake toppers. The bride’s cake topper was dressed in a white wedding dress with a flower in her hair, while the groom’s figurine was dressed as McFly, orange vest and all.

As for the predictions from the movie that so many have kept tabs on, Salvatore said, “I think it will rain so pretty on par with the movie so that should be good, I’m not sure about Goldy Wilson or hover cars, but we will see.”

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