Fitness-Loving Couple Marries During 2016 CrossFit Games: Exclusive Interview, Photos

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WOD may hold new meaning for these two! Christina Moore and Oliver Drewes, a fitness-loving couple, got married this past Saturday, July 23, during the 2016 Reebok CrossFit Games in Carson, California. The newlyweds open up to The Knot exclusively about the experience of exchanging vows in a stadium packed with 5,000 fellow CrossFitters.

Brooklyn residents Moore, 30, and Drewes, 36, were chosen for the dream wedding after winning a nationwide contest from Reebok just days before the event. Moore – who works as a veterinarian – admits to feeling a multitude of emotions when finding out that she and Drewes had won Reebok’s contest. They were notified on Wednesday, July 20 — days before their wedding.

“I was trying not to scream,” Moore laughs. “I was so excited, so happy, amazed, and thankful to Reebok for choosing us.

Moore met Drewes about three and a half years ago through a mutual friend. Although the initial plan was to arrange a double date, their schedules never worked out. Finally, after some persuasion from their mutual friend, Drewes asked Moore on a date. “He took me out to a great little restaurant that had an amazing bacon appetizer, with steak as an entree,” Moore shares with The Knot. “I think we were both hooked over the bacon.”


(Photo credit: Preston Smith)

Bacon may have brought them together, but CrossFit cemented the bond. “I have been doing CrossFit for five years now,” the bride-to-be explained ahead of the nuptials. “In fact, my first On-Ramp coach is gonna be at the wedding. It’s just that kind of community that bonds everybody that does it together. It’s about encouraging one another and being there for one another, and it’s always positive.”

“We love being in the box,” Moore says of her relationship with Drewes. “We love working out together. We love being there for each other and competing with each other – and against each other sometimes. We started off with a lot of obstacle course races. Those are just a blast. It’s so much fun to challenge yourself and also see your significant other challenge [himself], getting stronger, and working harder all the time. It’s a lot of fun, and there’s a lot of passion there. We just really enjoy it.”

Moore and Drewes attended last year’s CrossFit Games and dub it their “best vacation ever.” “We loved every single minute of it,” she tells The Knot. “We thought we were gonna be going to the beach in afternoons, and then we’d look at the schedule and say, ‘Wait a second, we can’t miss this!’ So we ended up seeing every bit of the Games last year. We were actually already coming to the Games this year, and we were so, so pumped about it. Now, we’re insanely excited!”


(Photo credit: Preston Smith)

The CrossFit bride admits that she and her future husband tried to avoid getting nervous prior to the ceremony. “You talk to people and everybody’s so nice and so friendly,” she explains. “Everybody that finds out we’re getting married is so excited for us.”

“I think it’s gonna feel like we’re surrounded by a huge community of people who have something amazing in common,” Moore shares. “I think they’re all gonna be supporting us. So, we’re trying to just not be nervous about any of it and just embrace the fact that we have all these amazing people surrounding us. It’s gonna be a beautiful day.”

Drewes proposed to Moore back on June 14. “Florence and the Machine is one of my favorite bands, and he got tickets to a concert,” she tells us. “During one of her songs that she does kind of a capella, it got nice and quiet in the arena. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. All the people around us turned around and were clapping and taking pictures of us and congratulating us. It was awesome,” Moore recalls.

“You’ve got to do it in front of 40,000 people!” Drewes – who works in business development – adds.

After getting engaged, Moore did not dream of a big, elaborate wedding. In fact, she was entertaining the idea of eloping with Drewes. “So, Reebok planning all of this for us and making it all happen has been a dream come true,” she shares with The Knot. “I didn’t have any huge wishes for a big white dress or a huge ceremony or any of that. I’m just stoked for everything that Reebok has come up with and has provided.”


(Photo credit: Preston Smith)

“We’re super excited to see what surprises come our way,” she adds. “We have no idea what to expect, but with CrossFit, you’re supposed to expect the unexpected and prepare for everything. So, we’ll just see what they throw at us, I suppose!” Moore laughs.

The CrossFit bride’s younger brother got married back in May. The couple had a “huge wedding,” according to Moore, and there were questions as to when she would be tying the knot.

“While they were planning that wedding, everyone would ask my mom, ‘So when is Christina getting married?’ Moore explains to The Knot. “And my mom would say, ‘You know, I’m probably gonna get a call from Christina that says, ‘Hey mom, I’m getting married next weekend. Get ready to fly out. Go ahead and book your flight,” she laughs.

“So when I called her and I told her that we were getting married in ten days at the CrossFit Games, she was like, ‘Christina, really, you don’t have to take everything that I say so literally!'” Moore shares. “I think they were surprised, but also, I don’t know that they expected anything less of me,” she says, laughing. “They knew we had entered this contest, and I thought it would absolutely be a dream wedding if we won. They were rooting for us. I think all of our family that can come is just really excited to be here with us and support us. We’re so grateful to all of them for making it possible to be here with us.”

According to the groom, the wedding attire would be “CrossFit traditional.” Moore wore head-to-toe white, including a short veil, a Reebok sports bra and pleated skirt, and CrossFit “Bride” tennis shoes. Her groom was dressed in casual, black Reebok attire, including CrossFit shoes adorned with the word “Groom” on the back. Both bride and groom were gifted with QALO rings to serve as wedding bands.

Jeff Wacker of Living Proof was in charge of the couple’s hair and makeup. Melissa Andre of Melissa Andre Events coordinated the CrossFit Games wedding.

Following the ceremony, we asked the newlyweds to describe the experience in one word.

“Thrilling,” the new bride quickly responds.

“Shocking,” her husband tells us.

“Just like with any WOD, when you have a crowd cheering you on, It’s just exciting and fantastic to be with so many people who support you and love you,” Moore gushes.

“It’s a complete roller coaster,” Drewes chimes in. “You have no idea what’s gonna happen, how it happened… You think you can plan for it, but you never really plan for it.”


(Photo credit: Preston Smith)

The couple has no plans for a follow-up ceremony back in New York. “This is as good as it’s gonna get,” Moore tells The Knot. “Reebok put on an amazing ceremony, and we had a great time, and I think it was our perfect dream wedding,” she says blissfully.

“I don’t think that we could find a better master of ceremony than Dave Castro,” Drewes says of their officiant, who is also the Games director for CrossFit.

Drewes shares that the most challenging part of the day was standing in the stadium as he waited for the events to unfold. “The emotions that were going through my head were shocking,” he admits to The Knot.

“I just didn’t want my skirt to blow up while I was coming down the steps,” Moore laughs. “It didn’t, so perfect! PR!” she says, continuing to chuckle.

When asked how it feels to be married, the new bride instantly says, “Amazing!”

“[I’m] the luckiest man in the world,” her husband responds as he stares into his new wife’s eyes.

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