Derek Hough Sees Himself “Married With Kids Within the Next Five Years” After Mark Ballas’ Wedding

Derek Hough Mark Ballas Best FriendsDerek Hough shared a sweet message on Sunday, November 27, after serving as best man at his childhood friend Mark Ballas’ weekend wedding to BC Jean. (Photo by Jerod Harris/Getty Images)

This Hough caught the imaginary bouquet! Dancing With the Stars pro Derek Hough says serving as best man in childhood friend Mark Ballas’ wedding has inspired him to settle down.

The six-time Mirror Ball champ, 31, visited The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Wednesday, November 30, and discussed his plans for the future.

“Did it make you feel like that’s a nice thing… to settle down?” DeGeneres said of his  best friend’s November 25 wedding to BC Jean.

“Yeah, if you would’ve asked me a year ago or two years ago, I probably would’ve been like, ‘Yeah, I’m not really looking,’” Hough replied. “But I’m kinda in that place now in my life, kind of a transition, and yeah, I see myself married with kids within the next five years. We’ll see.”

The professional ballroom dancer abstained from divulging whether there’s a special someone in his life, but he went on to share the story of how he came to support Ballas at his Southern California nuptials.

“He asked me 17 years ago to be his best man,” Hough recalled. “We were 14 years old, so there was a lot of pressure actually. Luckily, it went well; it went good. I’ve never been more nervous in my life though. I was so nervous!”

Hough may have felt nerves on the day of the wedding, but the groom was surprisingly calm. In fact, Ballas staged an impressive mannequin challenge with Hough and his groomsmen just before the nuptials. He later posted a video of the pre-ceremony moment. “Meanwhile in the groomsmen room moments before walking the aisle,” he captioned the Instagram post.

When it’s Hough’s turn to wed, he will undoubtedly have a massive guest list. During his appearance on Ellen, the talk show host hilariously gifted him with a pile of holiday sweaters to give to each member of his huge family.

Hough has four sisters, including his youngest, currently-engaged sibling, Julianne.

Aside from settling down, Hough is currently focused on his lead role in Hairspray: Live!, as well as his upcoming 2017 show, World of Dance, with Jennifer Lopez and Ne-Yo.

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