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Duck Dynasty’s Rebecca Robertson Proposes to Bridesmaids With Starbucks

Rebecca Robertson BridesmaidsDuck Dynasty's Rebecca Robertson shares details to The Knot of how she proposed to her five bridesmaids. Credit: courtesy of Rebecca Robertson/Instagram

A shout-out to Rebecca Robertson for her creative bridesmaid proposal! The 27-year-old Duck Dynasty star popped the question to her soon-to-be bridal party by personalizing their favorite Starbucks drinks, she confirms to The Knot.

“They were all surprised, confused some,” Robertson tells The Knot. “Then everyone was laughing and excitedly crying, and after they all said, ‘Yes!'”

In an adorable Instagram post dated Sunday, April 10, the future bride captured an image of five Starbucks cups with her future bridesmaids’ names. She customized each one with hand-drawn pictures, including a wedding bouquet, a sparkling diamond ring, and a three-tiered wedding cake. But we’re especially fond of the question at the bottom of each beverage; “Will you be my bridesmaid?” was handwritten on each of the cups.

Robertson’s five bridesmaids-to-be are all family members, including her Duck Dynasty sisters, Sadie and Bella, and her biological sister, Lilian. Also among the bridal party are her sister-in-law, Mary Kate, and her future sister-in-law, Nicki. After playing the important role of bridesmaid in her sisters’ Lilian and Mary Kate’s weddings last year, Robertson will finally take on the starring role as bride!

Robertson tells The Knot she asked Sadie and Bella first by taking them to a local Starbucks. Once their drinks were ready, the barista called out, “Sadie! Bella! Will you be my bridesmaid?”

The bride-to-be did the same thing with Nicki a week later in New Orleans, and asked Lilian during a recent visit to Taiwan. Lastly, she asked Mary Kate at the Texas Motor Speedway this past weekend.

Sister reunion ❤️👭👭

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Robertson’s creative proposal didn’t initially go over well with Nicki. Her future sister-in-law had ordered a short cup and got mad when the barista brought her a big cup, Robertson shares. She thought her ordered got messed up, but then noticed the writing on the cup, realized what was going on and started laughing!

Once all the girls were proposed to, Robertson shared a photo of the cups on Instagram with a creative caption as unique as the bridesmaid proposal itself. “Umm… can I have a grande “Couplechino” with some bridesmaids, please?” the Duck Dynasty star shared with fans. The post was met with thousands of likes and dozens of comments from Robertson’s devoted followers.

Robertson, who is engaged to John Reed Loflin, 29, simply couldn’t choose who to enlist as her future maid-of-honor. “I decided not to choose one, because I am having all my sisters as my bridesmaids,” she recently told The Knot. “It’s too hard to pick one out of five; I am equally close to all of them!”

Maybe now that Robertson has officially announced who will be in her bridal party, the gals can begin the search for the perfect bridesmaid gowns. When we spoke to the bride-to-be in March, she had their dresses on her mind. “I do know I don’t want anyone to match,” she told us, “and it’s going be some type of fun print.”

Although the future bridesmaids have not yet chosen their dresses, Robertson had the help of her beloved family members when she chose her custom wedding gown. She enlisted the help of designer and friend, Sherri Hill, to bring her dream wedding dress vision to life. And one thing’s for sure… Robertson, who is a fashion designer herself, along with being owner of the Monroe, Louisiana Duck and Dressing boutique, will make a beautiful bride.

Following Loflin’s romantic beach proposal last year on New Year’s Eve, the engaged couple is planning a “very relaxed, beachy, tropical wedding.” We are enjoying their wedding-planning adventure, and we can’t wait to see it all come together on the big day!

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