Instagram Influencer Eating NYC’s Wedding Cake Idea Was Exactly On Trend

Alexa Mehraban and Daniel Matthews Wedding Album. April 2018. New York City. (Credit: Nicolas Messi for Roey Yohai Photography)

Do it for the ‘gram! Every foodie understands the importance of the perfectly posed dinner plate—and never more so than at, say, a foodie wedding. So for Alexa Mehraban, the personality behind Eating NYC, a big part of figuring out the details of her wedding revolved around what was practical, and what would make for the best photo opp.

Mehraban, who married her love Daniel Matthews on April 21, tells The Knot that when it came to her wedding cake, she had a very specific vision about how it would appear. “Madison Lee designed a stunning, fake cake with a stitched-in piece to cut out,” she says. “We loved this idea because–as Madison pointed out–no one really sits down to eat cake and we wouldn’t want them to anyway. Instead, we had four different cake flavors passed around the dance floor.”

The concept of passed cake bites was solidified by The Knot in our 2018 Wedding Trends report. “Let’s face it—by the time the cake is cut, everyone is on the dance floor,” Lee said at the time. “So bring the cake to them.”

During Mehraban’s Facebook Live session with us, she asked the wedding cake specialist about the cake flavors that would be best suited for her own nuptials. “I’m not sure how you can pick just one flavor for a wedding cake when there are so many options to choose from, which is exactly why we aren’t,” she wrote on her blog back in February, when she was in full-fledged wedding planning mode.

The bride and Matthews opted for not one, not two, but four very different flavors all passed out at the end of the night (while also making sure that they didn’t stop breaking a sweat on the dance floor).

Alexa Mehraban and Daniel Matthews Wedding Album. April 2018. New York City. (Credit: Nicolas Messi for Roey Yohai Photography)

The first was a champagne cassis cake with raspberry preserves and vanilla buttercream. The second was for the chocolate lovers: a stracciatella with hazelnut buttercream, essentially a yellow cake baked with chopped dark chocolate and finished with the hazelnut cream.

The third cake was a salted caramel crunch, consisting of yellow cake with salted caramel buttercream dotted with milk chocolate caramel pearls (yum!). And the last flavor was a tad milder: a matcha-yuzu cake consisting of almond cake with layers of green tea matcha and lemon yuzu buttercream.

“This was definitely one of the most fun and memorable parts of the wedding planning process!” Mehraban wrote. “A lot of the planning involves logistics, lots of opinions, etc. and this was just fun. Daniel and I had the best time trying all the cakes and picking our favorites.”

See her full wedding album here.

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