Elena Delle Donne and Fiancee Amanda Clifton Discuss Wedding Planning at The Knot Gala

Elena Delle DonneElena Delle Donne and Amanda Clifton attend The Knot Gala on Monday, October 10, at the New York Public Library in NYC. (5ive 15ifteen Photo Company / The Knot)

Elena Delle Donne ventured off-court to attend The Knot Gala with her fiancee, Amanda Clifton, in NYC, on Monday, October 10. At the black-tie occasion–which gathers the best of the best in weddings annually at the New York Public Library– the newly-engaged duo eagerly discussed their upcoming nuptials and wedding planning with The Knot‘s co-founder Carley Roney.

“Actually, we kind of just started,” Delle Donne, 27, said. “Coming off the Olympics, as you can imagine, it’s been a little crazy.”

Her fiancee added: “I’ve literally been on Pinterest every single day… I have a thousand ideas, after we narrowed it down.”

 (5ive 15ifteen Photo Company / The Knot)

Amanda Clifton, Elena Delle Donne, Carley Roney, and Randy Fenoli. (5ive 15ifteen Photo Company / The Knot)

The future spouses also laughed off the question about whether their families are involved in the planning process. “We’ve gone back and forth, I think we’ve decided it’s easier for just the two of us to plan it,” Clifton told The Knot inside. “Plan it the way we want it.”

In a separate interview with The Knot on the red carpet, the Chicago Sky athlete, 27, and her love discussed who will be standing beside them on their wedding day. Clifton came up with an adorably imaginative way to enlist her maid of honor, using a miniature scroll and tiny bottle to pop the question.

“It’s a message in the bottle type of thing and, it’s just a cute little note saying, ‘Will you be my maid of honor?’ in a cute way that I can’t say it,” the bride-to-be said. “I’m doing the same thing for all the other bridesmaids. I just wanted to do something creative since I wasn’t going to see them in person. I thought this was something creative.”

Delle Donne isn’t the only WNBA player who’s currently planning her upcoming nuptials. Dallas Wings superstar Skylar Diggins also got engaged this past summer to former college football player Daniel Smith. Although they’re both in planning mode, Delle Donne and Diggins haven’t found time in their busy schedules to bounce ideas off each other.

“We got both engaged probably two weeks apart, and then we didn’t play each other after that,” Delle Donne shared on Monday. “So I didn’t really get to see her or congratulate her about it. But I’m sure she’s going through what I’m going through right now, right off season… like hurry up, let’s plan!”

Delle Donne and Clifton got engaged back on June 2. The basketball player made an official announcement in Vogue magazine in early August, and announced that she’s gay.

Shortly after, Clifton posted an adorable engagement photo on Instagram. In the shot, Delle Donne’s future wife kisses one of her dogs — clad in a wedding dress — with a sign reading, “Marry me??”

“She did it in the most perfect way,” Delle Donne told The Knot on Monday. “We were on the dog beach. She had it on my dog’s collar.”

In a post-engagement interview with ESPN, Delle Donne shared why she chose to announce she is gay along with her engagement news. “It was just one of those articles where they came into my home, spent a couple days with me, and Amanda is a huge part of my life, so to leave her out wouldn’t have made any sense,” she explained. “I decided I’m not at all going to hide anything.”

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