Emily Blunt Shares the Secret to Her Marriage With John Krasinski: “We Really Trust Each Other”

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Eight years of marriage under constant public scrutiny hasn’t necessarily been the easiest situation to navigate, but A-listers Emily Blunt and John Krasinski have seemingly mastered the art of marriage in the spotlight.

The secret to their iron-clad bond? “We really trust each other,” Blunt told E! News this week. “We’re very honest with each other. We sort of have a short hand and secret language that ultimately is gonna work for us.”

Now, the parents of Hazel and Violet are starring in their first film together, a thriller called A Quiet Place. “You don’t know how your two processes are going to work together,” Blunt said of her initial concerns. “It’s like a different thing when you’re at work. You take on a different persona.”

However, she ended up being delightfully surprised. “I’m a huge fan of him, obviously,” she said of the Office actor. “But we quickly realized how collaborative we were together and we actually worked really, really well together.”

Krasinski, of course, has been a longtime fan of Blunt’s work; particularly, the Devil Wears Prada. “He knows every single one of Anne Hathaway’s outfits—down pat,” Blunt joked to E! News in September 2016. “I remember it came on one day when we first started dating and he was watching the montage of when she has all the different amazing outfits. And he was watching and he goes, ‘Anddd that’s my favorite outfit.’ And I was like, ‘Get a grip.’”

The couple married in 2010, but Krasinski knew she would be his wife since they first met. “I mean, I don’t know who meets Emily Blunt and doesn’t hope that you get to become her husband?” he said in December 2016 to Entertainment Tonight. “So, that was pretty immediate for me.”

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