Emotional Groom Shares Why He Cried in Video: “We Haven’t Always Had It Easy”

Lindsey Whitehead and Will CeaserViral video's emotional groom, Will Ceasar, and his bride, Lindsey Whitehead, share their story. Credit: courtesy of Will Ceaser

It was the day after their December 5 wedding that we first got a glimpse of emotional groom Will Ceaser reacting to his bride Lindsey walking down the aisle. The video which became viral almost instantaneously has everyone wondering, who is this groom and why is he crying so much? In an exclusive interview with The Knot, the newlyweds share their emotional wedding day story, and Ceaser let’s us know why he cried.

“I’m at the altar and I’m looking down the aisle anxiously awaiting the doors to the church to open,” Will recalled. “I see those doors open and my wife is there. In all white, glowing, radiant, breathtaking.”

In the video, Will can’t contain his emotions. He tries to place his hands in his pockets, gain composure, but the sight of his bride overcomes him as he continues to wipe away tears.

“My life is walking towards me. My future is getting closer. My present is right there. She’s my gift. Heaven sent,” Will said, letting us in on all the thoughts rushing through his mind while his soon-to-be wife Lindsey took her walk down the aisle. “All I could do was weep in joy and excitement and bliss and happiness. She was finally about to be mine.”

Emotional groom Will Ceaser watching Lindsey Whitehead

Groom Will Ceaser gets emotional watching his bride Lindsey Whitehead walk down the aisle on their wedding day. Credit: Alyssa Hudson/Facebook

As for Lindsey, she predicted that Will would cry, as he had chatted about it before the big day, but told The Knot, “He’s not much of a crier,” adding, “I was kind of expecting it, just not for it to get this type of exposure.”

With the camera’s gaze set on Will in the 30-second video clip, Lindsey cannot be seen coming through the doors to greet her future husband, but she assures us that he wasn’t the only one crying at the wedding.

“When I first saw him crying, I was already crying,” Lindsey revealed to The Knot. “I’m a cryer, that’s what I do. But when the doors opened I took a breath and paused for a moment.”

The emotional groom and his bride faced many struggles on their journey to find love and happiness. Will explained, “We haven’t always had it easy, my wife and I. There were many jurisdictions, barriers and strongholds to climb…Social status, spiritual, emotional, obstacles,” but the one thing that remained everlasting was their determination to stay together.

“Now we didn’t always do everything right, but we invested a lot of time into trying. We didn’t even know what this was, I think we both just wanted it to last,” Will shared, calling the couple’s goal, “That forever kind of love.”

He also credits their faith, the power of their individual prayers and his wife Lindsey’s tenacity for their successful engagement and marriage. “She just wanted to take care of me. She was indeed a friend first,” he told The Knot. “She loved me where I was at, even at my lowest. She was there. She’s always been there.”

“Thinking over our history and everything we’ve been through. All of the struggles,” Lindsey said of her deep breath at the doors to the church, “In that moment it vanished at nothing else mattered.”

“There was a moment between us where we just looked at each other still crying. Although we didn’t share words, the feelings were mutual.”

Lindsey Whitehead and Will Ceaser

Viral video’s emotional groom, Will Ceasar, and his bride, Lindsey Whitehead, enter their wedding ceremony. Credit: courtesy of Will Ceaser

Lindsey had been very open about her goals to, “marry a youth pastor, work at a church and be married on December 13, 2014 (The only time the date would be 12/13/14),” Will shared in an email to the The Knot. Knowing that the two wouldn’t be married on that date Will said, “what better way for 12/13/14 to still hold some significance than to propose to her on that date,” and that’s just what he did.

The couple actually met for the first time, got engaged, and celebrated their marriage all in the same church – the First Assembly of God in Eufaula, Alabama.

On the day he proposed Will said he “brought her back to the church and walked her to the exact places we first met, to the place where I first saw how truly beautiful she was, to the pew where I first told her I loved her, and then up on the platform.” On the platform he said to his now wife Lindsey, “And this is where I want to ask you to marry me.”

Just a week and a half after their engagement, on Christmas Eve, Will was offered the youth pastor position in Mississippi to which he commented, “She indeed is a praying woman,” speaking to Lindsey’s dreams and how they were quickly coming true.

“It hasn’t really hit us yet,” Lindsey says of their marriage, “but it feels like… FATE.”

As for their reactions to their viral fame, the couple told The Knot, “We feel a little indifferent towards it. It’s really cool. We just don’t want want the truth to be altered, but we also want to inspire people.”

The emotional groom and his bride, now loving husband and wife shared that the message they would like their viral marriage to convey is that “people are looking for love,” and “for people to understand that it’s available,” taking away that “love is a universal language, and it’s understood by all.”

We couldn’t have said it any better. Thanks to the emotional groom for sharing his tears and touching story (and thanks to his beautiful bride for sticking with him)! We wish Mr. and Mrs. Ceaser all the best their in their fateful and loving marriage.

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