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Empire’s Kaitlin Doubleday Dishes on Her Bridal Shower and Big Sur Wedding Plans

Kaitlin Doubleday Bridal ShowerKaitlin Doubleday's bridesmaids threw her Bridal Shower on March 26 at Platform in Culver City, California. Credit: courtesy of Kaitlin Doubleday

Empire actress Kaitlin Doubleday took a break from her fictional marriage drama to surround herself with her besties and bridesmaids at her bridal shower in Culver City, California on Saturday, March 26.

The soon-to-be married Doubleday, who plays Rhonda Lyon on the Fox musical drama, left her on-screen marriage to Lucious and Cookie Lyon’s son Andre behind in preparation for her real life wedding to fiance DJ Devin Lucien.

Doubleday told The Knot that “25 to 30 of all the important women in my life from my girlfriends from high school to my fiance’s best men’s mothers (he’s having two best men),” were in attendance at her bridal shower, including her mother and grandmother. “It was wonderful having my 88-year-old grandmother there who I’m incredibly close to.”

Kaitlin Doubleday at Bridal Shower with mom and grandmother

Kaitlin Doubleday’s mother and grandmother were among the 25-30 most important women in her life to attend the bridal shower. Credit: courtesy of Kaitlin Doubleday

The event, planned by 3 of her 7 bridesmaids while the other 4 were on the bachelorette party planning team, was held in a new space, Platform, overlooking the city. With its close proximity to the metro, Doubleday said, “It has a cool, New York feel to it which I love,” adding that the entire day was a surprise.

The actress simply offered up the names and addresses of her good friends to her bridesmaids, chose a weekend that worked for her, and let them run with it. Though there wasn’t a cohesive theme for Doubleday’s bridal shower, her bridesmaids, which include her sister, her gay best friend Max, two friends from high school and two more from her toddler years, had every wonderful detail accounted for.

“It was a really relaxed afternoon with awesome wine from Club W which is this amazing personalized wine club, and tacos and chips and guacamole from a place called Loqui,” she told The Knot. “I also really loved the idea my bridesmaids had of giving bouquets away as the shower gifts. I’m a huge flower person so when I saw that they had gotten a ton of flowers from a great company called Bouqs, it was super thoughtful.”

Kaitlin Doubleday Bridal Shower flowers

Guests were given flowers from Bouqs in place of typical bridal shower gifts. Credit: courtesy of Kaitlin Doubleday

But the best part of the actress’ bridal shower? Having all the women (and a man or two) to gush about love with. “The most memorable part of the day was reading the beautiful/funny/touching/insightful cards a lot of the girls wrote to me with the gifts,” the Empire actress told The Knot. “I’m not really an effusive person so when my friends get mushy it means more because it doesn’t happen as often.”

“I’m lucky that I have such cool, interesting women in my life that I’ve known since childhood,” she shared with The Knot, speaking of her 7 bridesmaids. “It was also wonderful to feel like I’m becoming a part of the wonderful group of women who are part of my fiance’s friends and family.”

Kaitlin Doubleday Bridal Shower guests

Kaitlin’s family and friends had fun crafting during her Bridal Shower. Credit: courtesy of Kaitlin Doubleday

Doubleday and her fiance Lucien got engaged a year ago in the most romantic of cities, Paris, France but actually “met at a totally random house party at 3am,” she told The Knot. Never thinking that a house party in the wee hours was where she’d meet her future husband she added, “I remember I was tired that night and had to force myself to go out and I think about that seemingly trivial, minor decision I made that night a lot actually.”

Kaitlin Doubleday Bridal Shower gifts

Kaitlin’s most memorable part of the day was reading all of the beautiful cards from her family and friends. Credit: courtesy of Kaitlin Doubleday

While her bridal shower has passed and her May wedding is fast approaching, the actress shared with The Knot that the second half of her bridesmaid crew is planning her bachelorette party in New Orleans, Louisiana. Explaining her excitement, Doubleday said NOLA is “definitely one of my favorite cities in the whole world. I have tons of memories there.”

A fitting spot for her last hurrah the actress added, “I did my first movie there which was my first extended time away from home. And also my fiance told me he loved me for the first time there when he was DJ’ing a Super Bowl party there 3 years ago.”

Kaitlin Doubleday Bridal Shower cake

Kaitlin Doubleday and Devin Lucien will be getting married Mother’s Day weekend in Big Sur. Credit: courtesy of Kaitlin Doubleday

Kaitlin Doubleday and Devin Lucien are to be married over Mother’s Day weekend in Big Sur, California the actress confirmed to The Knot.

“Most of the wedding and reception will be outside which was very important to me,” she said. “Big Sur is pretty magical and you can’t go wrong being outside with the huge trees and crashing waves.”

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