Eva Longoria Shows Off Ruby Engagement Ring, Dishes How She Met Fiance on ‘Ellen’

Newly engaged Eva Longoria on Ellen DeGeneres ShowDuring an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show on Friday, Eva Longoria talked about her engagement to Jose Antonio Baston and their wedding plans. Credit: Michael Rozman

The recently engaged Eva Longoria visited The Ellen Degeneres Show this morning to chat about her fiance Jose Antonio Baston, their wedding plans and his adorably humble blindness to her celebrity status when they first met.

The Telenovela star received her stunning 6-8 carat ruby engagement ring – complete with a halo of sparkling diamonds – when Baston proposed on December 13 in the deserts of Dubai.

Eva Longoria's ruby engagement ring

Eva Longoria showed off her gorgeous ruby engagement ring on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. Credit: Michael Rozman

Despite the ongoing comments of Pepe, or Mr. Fancy Pants as Longoria calls him, being very handsome, the former Desperate Housewives actress explained to host Ellen Degeneres that he had reservations about sharing his face with her fans when they got engaged.

“He’s so private and so uh when I got engaged I was like I got to tweet this I really got to tell people. And he was like fine, but then he was like the one with the back of my head.”

When Degeneres asked when the couple plans on getting married, Longoria had little to share saying, “Oh God. I don’t know I just got engaged.”

Jokingly Degeneres questions her lack of wedding plans saying, “But isn’t that the point? Don’t you set a date?” to which Longoria responds, “I guess. I guess that’s how it works. I’ve been-we’ve both been married so it’s not as pomp and circumstance as I guess a first wedding.”

The 40-year-old actress was previously married to NBA player Tony Parker following her divorce from actor Tyler Christopher.

Eva Longoria walking onto Ellen DeGeneres' set

Eva Longoria looked like a beautiful bride-to-be during her appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Credit: Michael Rozman

Now starring in NBC’s Telenovela as Ana Sofia Calderon, Longoria rose to fame with her sassy and sexy character Gabrielle Solis on Desperate Housewives. Despite her acting fame, when she and Baston met he had no idea who she was!

“It was so funny he had never seen the show. Like the only person in the world who hasn’t seen Desperate Housewives, but somebody introduced us and he was like uh, which is great by the way. Which I loved.”

Grateful of his refreshing ignorance to her career she continued, “Yeah he’s never known me as working. He’s like oh so you’re an actress? And I’m like yeah I’m a pretty big deal in China. People see my show all over the world. But no he’s great, but he still hasn’t seen it.”

But the actress is quite recognizable, and not one to hide her popular personality. Degeneres asks, “Didn’t he see people coming up to you?”

Eva Longoria and Jose Antonio Baston celebrate their engagement at the Taj Mahal

Eva Longoria and Jose Antonio Baston celebrate their engagement at the Taj Mahal on December 16, 2015. Credit: STRDEL/AFP/Getty Images

“Always. People come up to me all the time and he just doesn’t really get it. He’s like they really like you. Then he goes like, I’m gonna watch, I’m gonna watch everybody talks about it I’m gonna watch.” But when he finally did, he was in for a rude awakening when her character was caught doing some unsavory acts!

“And he tries to watch and of course I’m like banging the gardener in the first season and he’s like I don’t want to watch and I’m was like yeah, yeah lets jump to season 5. That’s when I was like not sleeping with anybody.”

What a way to introduce your acting career to your new beau! Judging by that gorgeous ruby and diamond engagement ring everything has worked out just fine! Check out the video of Eva Longoria on The Ellen Degeneres Show below!

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