Exclusive: CMT’s ‘Bachelorette Party’ Planner Shares His Tips for a Successful, Drama-Free Weekend

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Nashville has rapidly emerged as one of the preeminent bachelorette party destinations in the country, so it was only a matter of time that a reality show would spotlight the antics that take place every weekend in the hot spot. On Thursday, August 1, CMT will premiere its new show entitled Bachelorette Weekend, produced by the same forces behind MTV’s Jersey Shore.

Rather than pulling together a random group of housemates at this juncture, producers decided to spotlight a business called Bach Weekend and make its founder and employees the central cast members.

“We’ve had a business called Bach Weekend since 2014, and we were approached about a TV show on CMT,” Robbie Goldsmith, the founder and entrepreneur behind the Nashville-based business, tells The Knot in an interview. “What we really hope the show does is highlights the city, but also the craziness of what the bachelorette industry can have—and all the memories and fun it provides for people. We know that people leave our city with some of the best memories of their lives.”

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With his range of expertise after planning hundreds of bachelorette parties for clients, Goldsmith imparts three key pieces of wisdom for bridesmaids and brides currently planning their potential getaways. “Whenever you bring 7 to 20 best friends together, there will be amazing things that happen… and drama,” he notes. “Whether it’s the always inebriated people who get sick way earlier than they should, or when people don’t agree on a planner.” Read his tips here.

Research—A Lot

“The first thing I would say to do is to definitely do ample amounts of research,” he tells The Knot. “Ask an expert if you’re able… The plan is to do group travel effectively, because if not, nobody is going to be happy.”

Timing Is Key

“Always overestimate the amount of time it’s going to take to do things with the group,” Goldsmith adds. “Group travel always takes more time than expected, whether it’s an activity, a car to dinner, there’s always the opportunity to run behind.”

Elect One Leader

There can only be one point person to handle and deliberate an event of this caliber. “Everybody has their own idea of what a great weekend is going to be,” he says. “There has to be one chief—someone who has the plan and wrangles all the ideas.”

The result could be disastrous if not. “What you see then is the group ends up at 8 p.m. outside on the corner of 4th and Broadway, standing with their hands in their pockets wondering where to go,” he notes. “And every bar has a line of 150 people outside, so they didn’t really get the true experience.”

Overall, Goldsmith says traveling in packs can be difficult, but it’s all about setting expectations. “Research shows that the average DIY bachelorette party is an average of $800,” he notes. “People have to realistically go into the situation knowing that it’s going to cost time and money for sure. Be realistic when you go into it. Our base for the cost is $250 per person. Can the whole group afford it? Ask these questions.”

(Credit: CMT)

Watch the premiere of Bachelorette Weekend on CMT at 11 p.m. ET on Thursday, August 2.

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