Exclusive: Jordin Sparks Was in the “Middle of the Ocean With a Flamingo Floatie” for Her Wedding

jordin sparksJordin Sparks and Dana Isaiah (R) attend the Friar's Club Honors Billy Crystal with their Entertainment Icon Award at The Ziegfeld Ballroom on November 12, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Manny Carabel/Getty Images)

Jordin Sparks has never been one to follow the crowd, trends, or anything other than her heart. And, thankfully for her, that insistence on individuality has led her to her husband, author and model Dana Isaiah, and to their little family together with 6-month-old son DJ.

She and Isaiah actually met at a time when she wasn’t really looking to date, she tells The Knot in an exclusive interview. The season 6 American Idol winner explains that before she even met Isaiah, she had already met the rest of his family at a charity event in Houston, where her mom hit it off with his mom.

“We enjoyed their company and we were there for six hours when we were only supposed to be there for two,” Sparks recalls. “We had a great time.”

A month later, Isaiah’s mom asked Sparks, 29, if she would consider meeting her son Dana, 26, to talk to him about living in L.A., since he was planning on moving there to pursue modeling. It was clearly a set-up, which Sparks was usually against, but she felt a tug at her heart to say yes.

“Because I had spoken to her, his mother, I thought, ‘Okay, she’ll probably kick his butt if he tries anything crazy,’” the Febreze spokesperson muses. “So they put us on this group text: my mom, his mom, me and him were on this group text. And then [after we met], we went on a different thread and we have not stopped talking since.”

The singer’s knack for going her own way even extended into the way she and Isaiah, 26, got married.

“It was super quick. We didn’t really plan anything,” she says of their unconventional wedding. “We ended up going on this summer trip with our friends to Maui, and it was awesome. My best friend Morgan was ordained.”

The timing felt right, and so while they were all hanging out in the ocean, Sparks waved Isaiah over for a quick consultation and impromptu ceremony. “I was like, ‘Babe. Why don’t we do it right now?’ And he was like, ‘Yeah, okay.’ So we were like, ‘Morgan, come here.’ And so we were in the middle of the ocean with a flamingo floatie and she said the vows.”

Though the wedding was unusual by celebrity standards, Sparks says she wouldn’t have had it any other way. “We were just in the water,” she says. “We had a good day. We had a blast. There aren’t really any pictures of it because we were in the middle of the water, but it was a really cool moment.”

The pair haven’t yet had the time to plan for a larger celebration with their family and loved ones, but when they do, it’ll undoubtedly be as unconventional as their love story and their vows.

“We haven’t had a celebration yet, but we definitely want to,” Sparks says. “Everything’s been such a whirlwind There’s no time to think, and it’s like, where would we have it? Our family lives everywhere—we have family in Houston, family in New York, family in Minnesota, L.A. It’s the most insane story but I love that it’s our story.”

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