‘Famously Single’ Episode 3 Recap: Aubrey O’Day, DJ Pauly D Make Out at Singles Party

Famously Single Group ShotFamously Single premieres Tuesday, June 14, at 10 p.m. ET on E!

Be careful what you wish for! When eight celebrities signed on to take part in the Famously Single relationship boot camp, some didn’t realize they would find potential partners under the same roof.

On the Tuesday, June 28, Famously Single episode, things get steamy, and The Knot recaps it all.

Group Therapy: Sex Talk

Dr. Darcy, Famously Single‘s certified therapist, asks the housemates how they view monogamy. Calum responds with disagreement and says being with one person is “old school.”

Willis McGahee admits he feels guilty when he cheats on a partner, but only “sometimes.” Aubrey O’Day, meanwhile, claims she’s never had sex with someone she “wasn’t going to love” at some point. She doesn’t have casual sex and prefers a deeper connection with her partners.

Brandi Glanville reveals she chooses to sleep with her exes and tends to “recycle” her men. DJ Pauly D has grown tired of single life, admitting he’s never made love.

“I want that one person to make love with that wants to make love with me,” Pauly shares with the group. Aubrey appreciates his honesty and confesses that she’s developing a crush on the DJ.

As the Famously Single stars wrap up their discussion, Dr. Darcy makes an announcement: The stars will be hosting a house party, and they get to be in charge! Somaya Reece shares that she has “plus-size model friends, bikini girls, and strippers.” Jessica White encourages her to invite them all.

Party-Planning 101

The celebs take their orders to invite single friends to the party very seriously. Aubrey, however, can’t find a single contact in her phone she cares to invite. It may not matter, though… Aubrey only has one man on her mind: Pauly D. She gives him a “heads-up” that she plans to make out with him at the party.

Pauly and Aubrey aren’t the only singles who only have eyes for one another… Calum finds himself attracted to Brandi. He likes her “maturity, elegance, and naughtiness.” Brandi thinks Calum is a cutie, but she knows he’s not right for her.

Josh Murray admits to being picky about the women he dates. He asks his housemates to see photos of the women they plan to invite to the party. Dr. Darcy is concerned that his preconceptions may ruin his chance at finding someone special.

Calum’s 1:1 with Dr. Darcy

When Calum sits down with the Famously Single therapist, he shares about his turbulent relationship with his father. His dad – George Best – was a a famous soccer player in the U.K., and he had a weakness for women and booze.

When Calum was 24, he lost his father to alcoholism. He cries telling Dr. Darcy about the end of his dad’s life, and admits to going on a “three year drinking spree” after his death.

Those three short years gave Calum a reputation as a playboy, which he is now having difficulty shaking. Drinking and women connected him to his father, and he’s having a hard time letting them go. Dr. Darcy points out that he’s predisposed to becoming an alcoholic. Calum admits he’s an angry drunk.

The Night Out

The celebs go to a sports bar to finalize plans for their party. Calum and Brandi flirt all night, as do Pauly and Aubrey.

Aubrey is intense – staring into Pauly’s eyes, ensuring he only has eyes for her. She shares that she doesn’t have a hard time getting what she wants in relationships. “I just signal and pounce,” she jokes.

Calum wants Brandi to acknowledge that he’s not a “bad boy,” but she finds that attractive.

Party Time

Pauly DJ’s the party at the Famously Single celebrities’ loft – and Aubrey is turned on by him. They make out behind the DJ booth – both unafraid to draw attention.

“He was such a good kisser,” Aubrey gushes. “I hope he kisses me like that our wedding,” she adds nonchalantly. But Aubrey gets jealous when Pauly starts paying attention to Brandi. Later, he tells Aubrey that he didn’t kiss anyone but her at the party. He is attracted to Aubrey, but he’s afraid she’s hung-up on her ex.

Calum is disgusted by Brandi’s behavior with the other men. As he drinks, he gets angrier – and hurts Brandi’s feelings. She goes to bed that night crying.

Sneak Peek: On the next Famously Single, Brandi opens up to Dr. Darcy about her attraction to Calum, and the singles have a bug in their ear when they go out on dates. Tune in next Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET on E!


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